‘Be humble & sing from your heart’

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‘Be humble & sing from your heart’

Sunday, 04 August 2019 | MUSKAN BAKSHI

‘Be humble & sing from your heart’

SUKHWINDER SINGH has lent his voice for songs like Kar Har Maidaan Fateh, Isaaqbaazi and Sultan. He speaks with MUSKAN BAKSHI about his passion and upcoming projects

Did you imagine that your recent song Turpeya and Thapa Thapa will get such positive response?

When I was recording the song I was thrilled and knew that the song is going to be a major hit; this is what my experience told me. Turpeya song picturisation is glamorous. Also, the film Bharat touched me emotionally.

Why do you love this movie so much?

I love this movie for many reasons. At the climax they had to shoot in a simple way to connect with the audience. The solution they have showed is so emotional and simple to understand.

Did you feel any challenge while singing those songs?

I am from the world of entertainment. In this world challenge and competition doesn’t work. In the entertainment industry there are two qualities that one has to possess. First, be friendly and passionate about your work. Second, be humble.

What is your new song for Shamshera about?

When Mithun Sharma gave me the opportunity to sing for this movie, I understood what he was looking for. He had given music for Aashiqui 2, which was soft and slow. However, it is still early days to talk about the movie and the music score. All I will say is that the film has some fabulous music that is very different.

When did you realise your passion for singing?

It happened when I was a kid. The age when children want to be scientists and or pilots, I wanted to be a singer. I connected with the music at a very young age and it has stayed with me.

What made you take voice improvement classes in England?

I went there to study. People who have sent me were expecting that I would become academically inclined. But, I found music there as well. In a radio station in England, I got to know about Indian classical and folk music. The station played all kinds of music in different languages. This interested me.

What is your success mantra?

I couldn’t identify success even if it was staring at my face. But, when people appreciate my songs and want to click photographs with me I feel blessed. These things make me happy.

Your mental framework when in studio?

I don’t play the song in my head. When I am in front of a mic, two things happen organically. First, I sing from the heart. Second, my soul find a connect with what I am singing. This gives me the power to sing a song.

What lesson would you like to give to aspiring singers?

Never give up on learning. This will keep you interested in learning new things. When you learn, you keep your ego at bay; that’s the only way one can learn new things. Once the go is out of the way, you become a humble artist. Don’t take the high road, let things come to you. Think about music all the time. Concentrate on the music and not the career. If your music is good, you will get work. Also, don’t lose hope.

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