‘Music now lacks soul, feelings’

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‘Music now lacks soul, feelings’

Sunday, 28 July 2019 | MUSKAN BAKSHI

‘Music now lacks soul, feelings’

Having sung iconic songs like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Tere Bina Zindagi Se and Agar Tum Saath Ho, ALKA YAGNIK knows nothing but music. MUSKAN BAKSHI chats her up

How do you define music?

Music is like my heart beat. If it’s not there, I wouldn’t be able to survive. It’s oxygen for me. I can’t imagine a day in my life where I had to survive without music.

What do you feel about today’s music?

I would say there is lack of soul and feelings in today’s music. Technical advancements have made music bland. The intensity is missing. But I don’t take it as a bad thing, it’s a phase. Phases keep on changing. Hopefully, the era of soulful music will come back.

What are the changes in today’s music?

There is a lot of Punjabi songs being made, lots of gimmicks and strange kind of words that are being used. They are meant to cater to a particular set for audience, who loves partying. It’s all loud. It’s not ideal for someone who wants to sit back and relax while listening to songs.

What do you miss about earlier days?

The kind of songs that were made. They were more meaningful. It was a pleasure to hear those songs.

What is the calibre of young singer’s today?

There are so many young singers out there and all of them are good. The competition has increased because there is a whole lot of fresh talent who want to try their hands in the industry. That’s why is not easy to make a place for yourself in the industry. One cannot be completely established because by the time he is established a new voice comes up. There is lot of good talent but there is competition as well.

Having judged various music shows, which one is your favourite and why?

I like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa because I judged the first season of it. Now, I am judging the first season of Superstar Singer. I believe that it will be my favourite from now on.

What do you look for in a contestant?

First and foremost the singing ability. Then, the quality of their voice and texture. Even if the contestant is not able to sing well since they are too young, I look at the potential in them. Sometimes, potential is there but they are not able to perform because they have not been trained. The hidden potential is something that I look for.

What is your take on music reality shows?

Music reality shows are a blessing because they provide a platform to the new comers for showcasing their talent. These shows help in making their voices heard all around the world. But, I want to add that they do not guarantee anyone success because once it is over, it is up to the individual’s hardwork and destiny thereafter.

What is there in the pipeline?

I am doing live concerts. Apart from this I want to dedicate my time to Superstar Singer because it is my responsibility. Also, everything related to music keeps me busy.


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