Celebrate motherhood

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Celebrate motherhood

Sunday, 12 May 2019 | Sunday PIONEER

Celebrate motherhood

Today is Mother’s Day. SUNDAY PIONEER brings you ways to honour the great moms

Women are inherent torch bearers of hard work, perseverance and success. Being committed fully to work and family is an impossible task that many working mothers and mompreneurs diligently pursue.

To sustain a fulfilling career while taking an active role as a mother, is a daunting task. But it can be rewarding if we strike a tender balance that works beautifully.

  • Value quality over quantity: Create memorable and cherished moments with your family. Make sure to have a thirty-minute gadget free routine to talk and have meaningful activities with your family. Go for an evening walk together or watch your favourite TV show together. But communication is important and make sure you nurture this bond.
  • Use meticulous planning: Mothers juggle many tasks at once and planning meticulously like ordering groceries whilst on a luncheon break or scheduling conference calls during the commute.

Deciding and planning work schedules well in advance through a weekly calendar saves a lot of precious time.

  • Stick to flexible work culture: Many working mothers prove to be committed workers and  prefer sticking to organisations that promise them flexible work cultures. Many organisations understand and appreciate transparency and dedication and craft flexible work routines.

Another time saving hack is to use planners and apps, whether it be outsourcing  your chores or adding events to a shared calendar .There are many like Grofers, UrbanClap, Google Keep to help out on daily routines.

  • Have a regular one-on-one with your partner: It is important to have regular communication with your partner and ensuring that you as a couple go on a Date Nights to spend time with each other as these gestures ensure a healthy relationship and that makes for a happier you.

The most important thing is to let go of the guilt. It is important to have the courage of conviction in knowing and appreciating the joy about whatever you love to do. A happy mommy sure makes for a happy family.

The writer is Deepa Sayal, CEO & Co-Founder, ADG Online Solutions


 Be Photo Ready

Remember those days when your mom ensured you looked your best at all times! This mother’s day take the opportunity to do that for her this time. Revlon’s Photoready hamper, perfect for gifting to your beloved mom, the most beautiful soul. This special hamper offers a kit of 3 impeccable products to give that flawless and always ‘photo-ready’ look.

 The Monk - Pink hues

The Monk, a premium eyewear brand offers an edgy assortment that extends utmost comfort and oozes of ultra-chic style. Comprising of four inspiring designs these pieces out speak elegance and panache. All the moms can get to flaunt this piece of accessory and let eye do all the talking.


When it comes to your moms, there’s so much to be thankful for. But figuring out the right gift for your mother can be challenging. To help you with the perfect mother’s day gift, Postfold gives you some amazing apparel options for mother’s day. You can show your love and gratitude towards your mother by gifting them these work wears. 

Gems for a Gem by Kohinoor Jewellers Agra

Take the opportunity to bring in these gorgeous natural colours in your mother’s life in the most precious way possible. Kohinoor Jewellers Agra offers a range of fascinating jewels in tranquil tones. Gift your mom her favorite colour that she will cherish for a lifetime. Featuring precious and semi-precious gemstones set in gold, each tone in the unique pieces of the collection tells an untold story.

In case of taking tension when your mom is not responding her calls, or you cannot contact from any reason just gift her a Letstrack security device.

Letstrack tracking device comes in various forms you can give her Letstrack personal which she can keep her with herself or LT premium which she can place it in her car. It comes with real time tracking, free 24 hours location history, map view, free integrated chat. Letstrack Premium series has engine cut as its prime feature as well as full vehicle monitoring. The device offers you great connectivity even in the most remote areas with unstable network


Everybody wants to have of a unique and out-of-the-box gift ideas to express one’s love. Something that conveys your affection that is a  little more permanent.

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo for your mother? We know it’s a unique idea as it is going to stay on your body for a lifetime. Tattoos are often a means of expressing one’s love for the people who matter the most.

Thinking of which design would best validate your love for her? Don’t worry. There are a billion designs you could choose to get inked. However, remember to have a design drawn that is unique to you — that will remind you of the bond you share.

  • If you want to keep it simple, you could choose some classic mom tattoo designs with traditional symbols of hearts, wings, anchors, birds, and banners. Another classic design is to have the word, ‘Mom’ written in a fancy font or to have your mother’s name etched on your body.
  • You could also engrave something specific that reminds you of your mom, such as a hobby, profession or her favorite pastime.
  • You could dedicate a unique quote in memory of your mom, or get something that your mom always said to youthat reminds you of her love inked. You could put the date she passed on, or the years of her life along with the quote as well.
  • The most beautiful tattoo would be to have her handwriting inked.

Where: Body Canvas Tattoos Studion, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

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