Destinations Abroad 2019

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Destinations Abroad 2019

Sunday, 20 January 2019 | Anthony Lim

Destinations Abroad 2019

Is your New Year resolution all about travelling abroad? Choose holidays that offer incredible, immersive experiences that allow you to truly discover the places you visit.


This is coming up as one of the most popular destinations. From pristine beaches to fortified towns and picture-perfect seaports, the country has lots to offer. Combine this beauty with the taste of the Dalmatian coast with fresh seafood and exquisite wines, one will be drawn to the idyllic lifestyles of the people.

Don’t miss: The UNESCO World Heritage Site Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia’s scenic wonderland of 16 interconnected lakes, flanked by waterfalls, impressive caves and dense forest.

Czech Republic

A small country endowed with spectacular natural scenery, the country has many castles and charming towns to visit. Located in Central Europe, it shares its borders with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. From lush orchards and vineyards in the Moravian region  to its capital city Prague, renowned for its bridges and spires, and the cobbled streets of the picture-postcard town of Ceský Krumlov, there is a magical-like  charm to this country that has over 2,000 castles which are imposing and magnificent

Don’t miss: A private tour with a local historian through the atmospheric courtyards of Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world.


Everyone from the ancient Greeks to India's Sonu Nigam, Shah Rukh Khan, Rahat Fateh, and other Bollywood stars have all visited Egypt to admire the Great Pyramids of Giza. Archaeology fans will be impressed with the magnificent temples, tombs, and treasures of the ancient land of the Pharaohs.

Don’t miss: Visit the Abu Simbel temples, two large temples carved in the rock at the side of the mountain, and was erected under Pharaoh Ramses II where the smaller temple was built for his favourite wife Nefertari, and now the second most visited attraction after the Pyramids of Giza. Twice a year, the inner temple cave where the statues are located are illuminated as the sun shines directly into the temple on the face of the Pharaoh on February 22, the day of his birth, and October 22, the day of his coronation.


Admire spectacular landscapes, or get up close to herds of reindeer in a winter wonderland, and visit the hometown of Santa Clause. Finland offers travelers the opportunity to visit charming towns, shimmering lakes, and picturesque inlets and islands.

Don’t miss: Stay at Aurora Village hotel in Ivalo where you can catch the spellbinding Northern Lights from the comfort of your hotel room look up through your glass ceiling.


It is culturally rich with its wealth of Renaissance architecture, Roman history, and priceless art. Scenically, you'll enjoy stark Alpine peaks in the north, the Apennine Mountains, olive groves and vineyards of Italy's heart, and the warm waters, volcanic islands and the Mediterranean lifestyle of the south.

Don’t miss: Take in the exquisite views of Lake Como where Bollywood superstars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh held their wedding. This scenery and setting framed by magnificent Rhaetian Alps is a perfect setting of romance and magic!


Explore this ancient land so rich in natural wonders with such a remarkable history dating back to the Stone Age 2 million years ago. Step back into Biblical times, as you see iconic religious sites and uncover hidden gems across Jordan.

Don’t miss: Stay at the Suncity Bedouin camp in the heart of Wadi Rum and experience traditional desert life sleeping under the stars. Enjoy activities like camel rides, star gazing and dance performances whilst you sleep under the stars.


Floating in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily are the stunning islands of Malta. Some people believe that Malta was part of the Lost City of Atlantis and with its striking sea line it's easy to believe in fairytales - the limestone arch, Azure Window, and Homer's Calypso’s Cave are both something you'll want to add to your checklist.

Don’ t miss: Explore Valletta, the capital as you admire its beautiful 16th-century buildings including St John's Co-Cathedral, designed in a baroque fashion.

North America

Iconic classic Western movies including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, True Grit and The Wild Bunch will celebrate their 50th anniversaries in 2019. These acclaimed Westerns have come to inspire many movies in the 50 years since their release, each telling the stories of the harsh wilderness of America's plains and the gun-slinging cowboys who roamed them.

Don’t miss: A comprehensive exploration of the American West visiting awesome natural wonders and staying at rustic lodges to discover the stories of these classic Westerns.  Stay at the Red Cliff Lodge in Moab which is home to a movie museum and was also where the numerous Western movies were filmed.


Russia is an enigma that just has to be sampled by any serious traveler, especially on the back of. A land of immense horizons spanning over 17 million square km and offering an overabundance of historical and cultural attractions, immerse yourself in the magnificence and opulence of the Russian dynasty or discover the rich cultural diversity of its people.

Don’t miss: No visit to Russia would be complete without standing in Moscow's Red Square, surrounded by the Kremlin Walls and the onion-domed St Basil’s Cathedral. The Golden Ring, a half-moon of ancient towns northeast of the capital, is among the most picturesque in the country, bulging with domes, rich in history.


Famous for flamenco, tapas and paella, Spain is also the birthplace to famous artists like Picasso, Dali, and Goya. Explore principal cities like Madrid and Barcelona or if you're want to explore the country deeper, consider visiting Northern Spain with cities like Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Santiago de Compostela, or Andalucía in Southern Spain famous for its Moorish architecture, ancient cities, and amazing beaches.

Don’t miss: Head up to San Sebastian in the North and discover Basque tradition. Enjoy a progressive dinner of pintxos: A variety of snack-sized treats, each with their own flavour and presentation.

The writer is  Managing Director,Insight Vacations, Asia

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