DJB holds seminar on safe disposal need

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DJB holds seminar on safe disposal need

Sunday, 20 January 2019 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

In its efforts to create awareness regarding severe health implications as well as environmental challenges due to the disposal of wastewater into water bodies and dumping of septage anywhere, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) organised a public awareness seminar on mechanised and eco-friendly ways of sewage-septage disposal and Solid Waste Management in the national Capital.

Addressing the stakeholders, Anil Kumar Singh, Chief Executive Officer of the DJB, said that the seminar is aimed at inspiring, encouraging, sensitising and enabling the officers towards proper implementation of 'Delhi Septage Management Regulation 2018' notified by the Delhi Government.

"Proper implementation of the notified regulation will greatly help in the reduction of pollution in the Yamuna River. With the move, the majority of people residing along with river bank will be benefited. The Board is endeavouring consistently with its limited resources to extend its pipeline network for potable water supply and sewerage disposal to whole Delhi to effectively address to associated issues in days to come," he said.

Vijay Kumar Dev, Chief Secretary of Delhi said the responsibility of the officials will be fixed for proper and effective implementation of regulations. The DJB will now regulate the system of septage management in Delhi for which the board will issue licenses to the vendors who will collect it and dispose of it at various treatment plants and pumping stations demarcated by the board, he said.

Shailja Chandra and B S Sajwan, Members of Monitoring Committee for the Yamuna, S Naiyyar Ali Nazami, Member (Finance) of DJB, R S Negi, Member (Water) and other senior officials also attended and addressed stakeholders at the event.

Considering the practice of dumping waste and septage into water bodies, the Delhi Government took a lead and introduced "Septage Management Regulation" on 21 November 2018.

As per the notification, the Board will identify the Sewage Pumping Stations and Sewage Treatment Plants and will create the necessary infrastructure and provide the necessary equipment at the notified location, to facilitate the disposal of septage.

 Some of the silent features of the regulation includes issuing license for collection and transportation of septage to notified location, septic tank waste shall be collected and transported only by vendors having a valid license for this purpose issued by DJB and identifying and notifying the sewerage pumping stations and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) where the septage shall be disposed of by the licensed vendors.

A senior DJB official said that these regulations are a comprehensive guideline, where registration, licensing, sops, training, certification and mechanization have been made mandatory for septage management.

DJB act as a nodal utility for implementing the regulations and the municipal bodies and development administration departments will together work to develop a data bank for effective enforcement of septage regulations, the official said.

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