Faith does more than heal

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Faith does more than heal

Sunday, 18 August 2019 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Faith does more than heal

While hope generated due to material gains is lost easily, faith makes one mentally stable over a period of time, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

It is a known fact that faith heals. Even scientists accept that faith does wonders. Whenever they cannot explain how a patient suffering from a serious disease got cured, they give credit to faith. Yes, faith is a reality in our lives and it does much more than heal. I am a beneficiary of faith as it strengthened in me over the years.

Faith gave me hope. The feelings of helplessness and sadness slowly left me. I am sure everyone has experienced such a feeling when something good happened to them, even if momentarily. This could be due to some material gain. Faith does much more; it gives a lasting feeling. Hope generated due to material gains is lost as easily as it comes when there is some setback. Faith is not that fickle; it makes one mentally stable over a period of time. Because faith is reinforced with each new realisation/ experience.

Earlier, I used to get depressed when some sickness struck me or my near and dear one. Now I pray to God for guidance and help. And guidance and help arrives. No longer is there a dark feeling of something sinister waiting to happen. I am engaged in positive acts with hope that things will work out. When I compare my present attitude to when I was not so faithful, I am amazed by the change. Now, God — the omniscient is in the picture. Not only does God give the right intuitions but He helps also by arranging help, which arrives mysteriously. No longer can I treat it as mere coincidence, because that cannot happen every time.

Painful mood swings ail a modern man, who expects quick solutions. One is given to extreme emotions. And it hurts. It is no wonder that Lord Krishna has spoken about equanimity so extensively in the Geeta. God wants us to develop this quality, and it can be done with the help of faith in a very lasting manner. Gone will be the days of extreme emotions or severe ups and downs in the mood. Certainly, there would be changes in the mood because we are human, but such variations would be small and tolerable. Peace will come gradually. And this peace can not come without God consciousness. How can we be assured of our future unless God is involved? Can we ensure our future happenings? No we cannot; we are too small to do that. Faith will help.

This is not all; faith propels us towards goodness. This is natural. Those linked with God are dominated by the mode of goodness. Faith helps them to overcome the two lower modes of passion and darkness. Remember, these three modes are always vying with one another for supremacy inside us. Under the influence of the mode of goodness one is attracted to acts in goodness like eating foods in goodness, seeing what is good like natural scenery, hearing what is beneficial, etc. Similarly, one will be naturally inclined to follow dharma; faith has that power. Not only that, one will be dutiful because dharma and dutifulness go together. One will be mindful of what his or her duties are. One will have duties uppermost in his or her mind while deciding on choice of activities. Such following of dharma and being dutiful brings enormous rewards in one’s life.

Faith makes one feel fortunate. Gone will be the days when one felt that he or she was not so lucky. God gets into the act and things begin to pan out differently. Faith helps secrete the right chemicals in our brains. After all, our moods are mostly controlled by the chemicals that we are producing in ourselves. I can go on because the advantages which accrue to a faithful person are endless. We just need to get started on the spiritual journey. No one can then detract us from that path.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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