Negativity can be curbed

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Negativity can be curbed

Sunday, 21 July 2019 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Negativity can be curbed

Prejudices, wrong company work against curbing negativity. Develop spiritual consciousness to stay positive, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

How wonderful would it be if we can somehow achieve it. There is a lot of talk about being positive around us. In one film, the lead actor repeatedly said, “Be positive.” But sooner or later, we do realise that it is easier said than done. Because there are many factors working against having a positive outlook.

I begin with lack of faith in one’s ability. A human body is very versatile. We have many faculties, which are exceptional. We are blessed with intelligence. Proper use of that has brought enormous material advancement. Our minds can do amazing things. What we do generally takes shape in our minds first. Our senses are not far behind. Have you noticed an expert drum player? However, poor health or poor training are great spoilers. Then, there must be courage. Without a good dose of it, one can hardly be positive. Adequate will power is another necessity.

In today’s interconnected world, we need a lot of support to exist well. Personally, I have made a lot of preparation in this regard; I have a chart of all those who can help me. This is in the shape of a tree diagram. Prejudices work against curbing negativity, as does company of wrong persons. And if we are given to hate, we are working against ourselves. Lastly, but most importantly, we need to have faith in God, as will be clear from the rest of the article, and not in the chance theory, that is anything can happen at any time.

It may appear difficult but positive attitude can be attained. The first requirement is to become aware of its tremendous benefits. There are many. There is the physical health benefit. Generally, positive people enjoy good health. Mental faculty should be sound, which mostly rules out suffering from mental diseases. One will not feel helpless; will not demoralise self; rather will enthuse self and others. One is unlikely to be fearful. Obviously, such a person is likely to be generally peaceful. Positive people endear themselves to others. They produce positive vibrations. This almost ensures that they will have many friends. They use their energies in useful activities and are likely to occupy important positions.

The next requirement is to develop a deep desire to be not so negative, because negativity as such cannot be eliminated entirely in material bodies living in the material world. Control of the mind is crucial in this endeavour. Details of doing so are available in the Bhagwad Gita. Proper attention to one’s health is also very important. One should develop many skills. One must engage is useful activities. And company of positive persons will reinforce the desire to be positive.

The third and the most important requirement is gaining help from God, without that, countering negativity is almost an impossible task. Faith in God gets us the confidence that we are not on our own; God can and will help if we make the necessary efforts to reach out to Him. One will develop spiritual consciousness and will realise that one is never condemned. Most importantly, one will begin to see the positive side of things.

Personally, I have struggled with negativity for a very long time. And its worst manifestation has been fear of diseases, till I began taking shelter of God. Diseases are feared for several reasons. Obviously, there is suffering. Life is disrupted. Resources come under strain. And enjoyments are curbed. My connection with God has helped me in many ways. One begins to accept the inevitability of diseases of a material body. God gives strength to tolerate. One is able to maintain equanimity to a great extent. And the most important part is continuation of enjoyments; they never cease unless the body is totally broken. All said and done, faith is the only real antidote to negativity; other measures can only help partially

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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