Of mind gyms & online spats

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Of mind gyms & online spats

Sunday, 06 January 2019 | Michael Bjorn

Of mind gyms & online spats

Technology is here to drive lives and its only going to get bigger this year, says Michael Bjorn


More than 60 per cent of virtual assistant users think devices that understand our moods will be mainstream in three years.

Smart quarrels

Over 65 per cent of virtual assistant users think smart speakers will argue like family members in three years.

Spying apps

Over 45 per cent of consumers think apps collect data about them even when they don’t use the app.

Enforced agreement

Always having to accept data collection cookies annoys 51 per cent of consumers.

Internet of skills

More than 50 per cent of AR or VR users want apps, glasses and gloves that give virtual guidance for practical, everyday tasks such as cooking or carrying out repairs.

Zero-touch consumption

Around half of virtual assistant users want automated bills and subscriptions, as well as self-restocking household supplies.

Mental obesity

31 per cent of consumers soon expect to go to ‘mind gyms’ to practice thinking, as everyday decision-making becomes increasingly automated.

Eco Me

39 per cent of consumers want an eco-watch that measures their carbon footprint.

My digital twin

48 per cent of AR or VR users want online avatars that mimic them exactly, so they can be in two places at once.

5G automates society

Around 20 per cent of smartphone users believe 5G will better connect IoT devices like household appliances and utility metres.

The writer is Head of Research Agenda, Ericsson Consumer And Industry Lab