Pray to God for guidance

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Pray to God for guidance

Sunday, 23 June 2019 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Pray to God for guidance

Whenever anxious, seek the perfect answers from Almighty. Anyone can approach Him and He shall respond in His own ways; we just have to be receptive to His message, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

Everything changes in this material world, some slowly and some fast; such is the nature of this material world. For example, a human body changes very slowly but a flower is just the opposite. And changes present challenges. Yes, this human body undergoes changes slowly but it surely does. A child grows slowly but at every stage of his growth there are new challenges like admission in school, college etc. And each change requires important decision-making on the part of all concerned. Are we fully equipped for making such decisions? The answer is no. Why? Because we can never have the full facts because most of the important decisions involve the future, ie what will be the effect on the future due to the decision made. For example, what should be the subject of specialisation for a student. One should know what the student’s natural ability is, what interests him, what is good for his future, etc.

Who can tell for sure? God can because He is not only aware of everything about the present but He also knows the past and the future. We may know what transpired in the past but only what left deep impression on us. Rest we forget, which is not unnatural. Regarding the present, we are severely limited in knowing the big picture. We may know some part but never the whole of it. We are not equipped. This is the cosmic design. And the future is largely unknown except what astrologers, palmists, etc indicate to us, and that may not be entirely accurate. It is also part of the cosmic design that we can seek help from God and He will oblige.

Personally, I seek God’s guidance and help all the time. I will cite some instances when I sought God’s help and it proved to be highly beneficial. Some client owed us a lot of money and we were unable to do anything about it. Someone suggested going to court. This was a big decision, therefore, I prayed for guidance. The response came that the present was not the right time for such an action. He indicated that such action at that time was driven by greed — a door to hell. (16.21) We had to pursue other avenues for the time being and be patient about it. Subsequent events confirmed what my Lord had indicated.

One of my close relatives acted badly with me. I became quite incensed. However, being in the habit of seeking guidance from God, I prayed for guidance. My Lord indicated that if I wanted to be happy, I should control my anger. (5.23) I turned my relationship with this person into a formal one where emotions have no place. In another instance, I received a suspicious message on mobile. I meditated on God and pat came the answer, which was to block the number because lust should be shunned at all costs. (3.41)

Jealousy is not too far from my thinking, but my Lord repeatedly warns me of its consequence, ie birth in lower species. (16.19) I have been instructed to shut out such thoughts, and I am getting into a habit of doing so. The last instance is somewhat unusual. My daughter misplaced an important document and there was tension. I prayed and my Lord indicated where the document was.

God is ever willing to help because we in ourselves can never be complete or totally independent; we need God’s help, Him being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Aren’t we small souls and mostly helpless, and ill-informed? If we really wish to avail of this readily available facility, we can fortify ourselves with the knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita. There is no other qualification required. Whenever anxious or fearful, pray to God for guidance and get perfect answers or solutions. God will most likely refer to a particular verse in the Gita. Anyone can approach God and He will respond in His own ways; we just have to be receptive.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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