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Smart & trendy

Sunday, 06 January 2019 | Sunday PIONEER

Smart & trendy

2019 is a happening year of change. From thinking exercises on the superhighway, to plants in your wearables, from virtual vacation recces to low-alco cocktails, this year promises to stand out. Sunday Pioneer takes a deep dive into trends

Green, not just with envy


The spring/summer collection of hats is more than just sun protection and head coverage. Last summer, Jacquemus had people on Instagram go ga-ga over the oversized hat. So much so that brands are going for a similar look.


Cycling shorts may have been in style in 2018, but in 2019, it is all about year, boy shorts giving micro, knee-length skirts may a break for this summer.


Pleats are back but this time they’re more intricate — they are tighter. However, the micro pleat leave an impact as they generate more movement but also a more fluctuating silhouette.

Spotted at: Givenchy (left), Preen by Thornton Bregazzi (centre), Balmain (right), Pringle and Roland Mouret


The print of the 60s is back but a lot chicer. One can opt for a bold matching two-piece, or wear a beach maxi.


While some may still want to wear stilettos, 2019 is more about being down to earth — wearing flats. Many women are looking forward to wearing comfy yet fancy flats this year to be in fashion.


This western-inspired trend is all set to be part of our wardrobes this year. From jackets to skirts to handbags fringing is all there next season.


If there is one that that monsoon in India has taught us is that it is unpredictable. Unless you want to carry sunglasses and weatherproof boots with you all the time, one may want to wear weather waterproofs which are a head turner.


Vibrant hues are back with a bang this year after the world got tired of wearign pastels. Go for a neon pink green or even a yellow to be on top of things.


Bold shoulders are no new thing, but if the next season is all set to become puffier, we will sit up and notice. Gathered at the shoulder with pleats of elastic, they work well with square necklines on dresses.

Raising the eyebrow

One major trend that is likely to take 2019 by storm are bleached eyebrows. Yes, you read that right. That’s right — eyebrow bleaching is back.

Plant-based skincare products like moisturisers, face cleansers and facial scrubs made from fruit and green plants are set to find their way into our make-up kits. This is because chemicals found in skincare products are ruining our skins.

Plastic surgery is expensive and not for everyone. That is why non-surgical cosmetic methods will grow in popularity in 2019. The use of injectables, stem cell experimentation as well as cooling and heating procedures are all set to make their mark in the beauty world.

2019 is all about sustainable living so why not incorporate it while we are travelling as well. Travel companies say that there are greener ways to enjoy your holidays now like  staying in a eco-friendly accommodation or take a bike ride.

Declutter with purpose is the new mantra. It is more than just cleaning the house once every few months. It’s a new lifestyle that involves decluttering your relationships, your hobbies and interests and even your work. It helps us focus our minds on what is important and what isn’t.

Say cheese sans hic hic


Fermented foods had never gone out of our diet what with kimchi, sauerkraut and tempeh. But 2019 will see more such foods find their way into our kitchens and plates given the several health benefits that come with eating these. Take temphe for example, the soya like cake is high in protein, fibre, Vitamin B and essential fatty acids. It may also help to reduce cholesterol and increase bone health. What more do we want but to be healthy.


The romaine E. coli scare had meant that consumers were looking for a new green. A prediction report by the SRG Culinary Council, “Top Chef” winner Hosea Rosenberg -- it is celtuce — a lettuce cultivar — the new kale. And it is not jsut salads where you will find this. There is juice too to be used in hydration beverages.

Sip the cheese

Don’t be surprised if you see cheese teas on the menus of a fancy restaurant. An import from Taiwan, Cheese tea is already a hit in the West and soon enter Indian market too. It is basically green or black tea with a a cap of cream cheese on top blended with cream or condensed milk. The quirky thing about this is it can be either sweet or slightly salty or both. Sommeliers have predicted that a growth in unusual teas — such as cheese tea and mushroom tea — at eateries is something to watch out for.


2019 will finally be the year that gut health will hit the mainstream in a big way.

Anything to do with your gut flora. You can expect more ways to ingest probiotics and prebiotics and foods designed to improve the bacterial health of your intestinal tract, according to several grocery store chains and wellness market analysts. As the obsession with digestive health dovetails with the fascination for fermenting, kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled things will work their way into new territory. Smoothies with kefir will be popular, and kombucha will show up in unexpected places like salad dressings.


The spirit-free cocktails are going to be in demand at the bar counter as people would explore more of lighter wines, natural wines and drinks with less or no alcohol. To experiment with the drinks and make it healthy, high-alcohol liquors like gin will be replaced with lower-alcohol wines like prosecco in mixed drinks, and make more use of shrubs, craft vermouths, botanicals and distilled nonalcoholic spirits like Seedlip. This will also give rise to a new name like no-jito or the no-groni.

the Pegan diet

The keto diet might be losing its edge but “pegan” diet — a cross between a paleo and a vegan diet — will become the next big thing. The nutritionist and dieticians will be seen coming up with customised pegan diet plans along with restaurants offering this healthy blend of food.

ocean dive by PLATTERS

With the properties of superfoods, mushroom and seaweeds are going to be widely used in the healthy platter, especially to  fusion Indian foods. Consumption of seaweed is growing seven per cent annually in the West. Most popular being seaweed butter. Whole Foods will also be adding a salty sea fennel and olive blend to their olive bars. Other products coming into market include puffed snacks made from water lily seeds, plant-based tuna alternatives with algae ingredients, crispy snackable salmon skins with omega-3s and kelp jerkies.

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