The call of the voice within

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The call of the voice within

Sunday, 10 March 2019 | Sant Rajinder Singh

The call of the voice within

When the voice grows louder, we start feeling a pull to search for answers. This is God’s tug on our heart to pull us back to Him, says Sant Rajinder Singh

There are instances in life when a small voice inside tells us that there is more to life than what we know of in this physical world. It may be triggered by an accident, by a death in the family, by a heavy loss. We suddenly begin to question the meaning of life, who we are, and what happens to us after death. This nagging little voice begins to cry louder and louder. We start having a pull to search for the answers. This is God’s tug on our heart to pull us back to Him. The moment He gets an opportunity, the first moment He sees that we have some doubts about the reality and all-encompassing importance of this world and its attractions, He takes advantage of it. He plants the seed in us which will lead us to start our spiritual quest in search of the answers to life’s mysteries. His love starts to work within us, and we begin to long to know God. This is a great day for us. We are hearing the small voice of our soul and its desire to know its true parent.

As we pay more and more attention to this voice crying to go home, God eventually leads us to a place where someone can put us on the road back to Him. He leads us to a spiritual teacher who tells us of our true nature, that we are soul and a part of God. He then shows us a method whereby we can rise above this physical world and see for ourselves our true heritage as a drop of God. He teaches us how to meditate and invert our attention to the inner world. He puts us in contact with the stream of light and sound, which issued forth from God when He created this universe. That same stream flows back to Him. It is a stream made of the same essence of God, all light, all music, all love. When the soul meditates and comes in contact with the stream, it feels a fulfillment and enjoyment because it is a part of the same essence as that stream. We begin to derive more satisfaction and happiness from coming in contact with the current of light and sound than we feel from any physical enjoyment. This contact is the power of love which will turn our attention Godward. We find that the worldly enjoyments begin to lose their appeal. We do not find the same fulfillment from anything in this world as we do when our soul contacts the light and sound in meditation. The soul then wants more and more of that bliss and becomes more absorbed in the inner light and sound. The further the soul travels within, the more and more ecstasy it experiences. The more ecstasy it experiences, the more it wants. As one of the great saints of the past century, Sant Darshan Singh, said in a verse: “I thought that when the cupbearer came, he would quench my thirst, but alas, he has come and gone and my thirst has been intensified.”

This attraction for more and more bliss leads the soul higher and higher until it reaches the abode of God. There it finally achieves its communion with God. It merges in its source. Two become one. This merger is the greatest bliss any soul can ever experience. We can imagine this union of lover and beloved, of parent and child; it is love, contentment, and fulfillment. Yet the experience of union of the soul with God is millions times greater. This bliss awaits each of us. It is a union that exists without physical bodies. It is purely between God and soul. This is spiritual love. This is the highest love possible in creation.

The love a soul experiences when it reunites with God is far above the domain of physical love. Once we taste that spiritual union, physical love holds no attraction for us. The pleasures of the physical body are purely biological and mechanical. It may give some momentary sensation, but that involves our muscles, our nervous system, and the interpretation of our brain and senses as a physical sensation of pleasure. It lasts only for a moment. But the love which we experience when the soul merges with God fills our being not only for a moment but for all times. It is like swimming in the ocean where wave after wave engulfs us non-stop. Waves of love touch the deepest recesses of our heart and soul at every moment, bringing with them bliss, fulfillment, and tranquility. It involves no physical touch and exists beyond time and space.

This is the kind of love each of us should aspire for. It knows no end. That is why Sant Darshan Singh wrote in a verse: “Love has only a beginning; it has no end.” Spiritual love can never end. It knows no death. Even if the physical body may perish, the soul is forever at one with its Creator. If we can achieve our life’s goal of union with God, we will walk the earth with the same godly love flowing through us. We will bring joy and solace to each person we meet. People will feel happiness and calmness in our presence. And when they ask us from where we received this special gift, they too will want to have it. If each soul in creation experienced union with God, this world would abound with happiness and joy. We would all go around in a state of bliss. The love on this planet would continue to increase, until God’s kingdom would truly be brought to earth. The more time we spend in meditation, the more we will experience this love. This will draw us further until we merge with God.

The writer is a spiritual leader

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