The importance of sadhana

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The importance of sadhana

Sunday, 04 August 2019 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

The importance of sadhana

To reach a higher level in spirituality and attain ultimate sukha, one must connect with God through sadhana and tapasya, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

We, human beings, have been designed to go through five stages to reach the top level. These stages are annamaya, ie state of a child, when we are content to be fed. Then comes pranamaya, that is the state of manual labour, who is content to be alive. The third stage is the manomaya, when our minds become active. This is when we need plenty of answers and guidance. If we don’t get them we become anxious, fearful and generally negative. The fourth stage is gyanamaya, when some answers are available, and one can be somewhat peaceful and happy, because he has received some knowledge that addresses his problems. The last and the topmost is that of vigyanamaya, in which one is connected with God and gets everything he requires. However, crossing from manomaya to vigyanamaya stage takes some doing, even to gyanamaya from manomaya. The first two stages are automatic, and the third belongs to educated persons, who do white-collar jobs, or are not menial workers.

This is the reality of the cosmic design. Human existence can be classified in two levels. There is normal living and there is special existence. To reach the later level and gain all kinds of benefits like peace, security, support, sukha (genuine happiness), guidance, help, etc, one must connect with God, who is all in all of the entire creation, as has been indicated in the verse # 7.19 of the Geeta. I am giving a brief description of God. He is omniscient, that is He knows everything. God is omnipotent, that is he has the complete power. This is not a theoretical concept dreamt by someone. This can be experienced. How do I do it? When I need guidance on something which is not straightforward like the need to charge a cellphone, I pray to God for guidance, and He invariably responds, as only God can. Similarly, when I need some help which is beyond my reach, God helps; He finds a medium to make it available. All these have happened countless times and cannot be treated as coincidences.

Therefore, if someone, who is in the manomaya stage and most importantly in the gyanamaya stage, he must seek God’s help. This is possible by doing tapasya or sadhana to deserve all that God can give. To cite my own example, I disseminate God’s messages/ instructions by writing articles and books. It is another matter that God empowers me to do this. Then, I visit various temples. I try to spend some time in the company of the Lord and soak the spiritual atmosphere in these holy places.

I spend considerable time during the day in the company of God in His photo form — a sort of meditation. I read spiritual texts regularly. Of course my favourite is the Geeta. I chant regularly on beads. I am proud to state that I have been doing so for more than three decades. I have a devotee friend with whom I discuss spiritual topics on a daily basis. This is not only pleasing but also highly informative. God is never far away from my mind; I remember Him when something good or bad transpires. Lastly, we have a pooja ghar in our home where we worship Shri Laddu Gopal in His deity form regularly. This has also been going on for many decades.

All of the above has given me enormous benefits over the years. I regularly get guidance from God. He invariably helps when I need that. I am getting increasingly more peaceful. I also experience sukha — a sort of bliss occasionally. I feel secure and know that God will always support me. He gives me shakti (strength) in various ways such as tolerance. And I seek God’s forgiveness for mistakes made.

Therefore I strongly recommend that everyone from manomaya stage onwards should try to please God in the way it suits. Gone will be the days of negativity, fear and anxiety.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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