We don’t have to be miserable

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We don’t have to be miserable

Sunday, 10 February 2019 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

We don’t have to be miserable

The Gita states that human beings have to take God’s assistance to be peaceful and happy, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

The Gita informs us that this planet earth is an impermanent place of miseries, but we don’t have to be miserable. The Gita also informs that one can experience eternal bliss. So it is possible to not be miserable but be very peaceful and happy. How does one make such a transformation? One has to take God’s assistance. See for yourself from this example. As we get older, the physical prowess goes down. How does one replenish it? Link with God — the omnipotent. Enjoying life through sense objects also becomes increasingly difficult. Then we need to find shelter elsewhere. God is the perfect shelter. What is true for older folks is also true for all ages in various ways. God can help one and all.

Who doesn’t need guidance? Is anyone omniscient like God? That false feeling of “what I know is enough” gets us in trouble because our knowledge can at best be very limited only. God is available to provide such guidance; we don’t have to remain confused or deluded. Just pray sincerely. Similarly, God can help like no one else can. Again, seek His help humbly. Association of God fulfils our needs. Rather one can get opulence, success, wealth and moral principles from God. Who does not need protection? God promises to provide this to His devotees. And we learn from the Gita that peace and happiness can only come by becoming God conscious.

With all these benefits available from God, why don’t we turn to Him? Everyone should ponder over this. I have compiled a few such reasons. The first one has to be general ignorance in spite of scriptures being readily available in practically all households. Not many read them. Lack of faith is another big reason. This has to be developed by consciously looking for what will enhance it. For example, shouldn’t one wonder how an expert astrologer can foretell what will transpire decades later when things will be so much different? Yes, some initial faith is essential. This comes from what sanskars we bring from our previous lives and what we get from our parents, etc. Then, ego is a big enemy if not the biggest: “I am the doer; I am superior.” One is foolishly proud being a small soul. One is also too lazy not to follow God’s instructions in this regard. Don’t we give many excuses to avoid what all human beings must do, ie link with God? If others are not following the right path, can we take this excuse? This is like being a goat following other goats into a well. Such obstinacy hurts very badly. Not only do we not get all the benefits on offer but also make a mess of our lives.

Those who have treaded this blessed path can tell you how supportive God is. He is not at all restrictive. God is not against enjoyments, which are not against dharma. Rather the Lord advocates peaceful enjoyment by making proper use of sense objects by disciplined senses. Our scriptures advocate earning according to dharma. The same can be enjoyed according to dharma. Though we are small souls, we have been give free will to desire whatever we fancy and decide the way we deem fit. God only wishes that we desire sensibly and decide according to dharma. He is not holding us captive, rather God encourages us to be suitably active. Not only with Him, God wants us to interact with others as well. He encourages us to cooperate with others, make sacrifices for them and love whoever we choose to get close to. And if we are not satisfied on the earth, God offers us a place in Vaikuntha — the spiritual planet. Of course, we have to qualify for it. In conclusion, I can state that though odds are stacked against us, we can overcome them by taking shelter of God. Millions have done so earlier and we can too.

 Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

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