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The eternal truth

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The eternal truth

Thursday, 12 September 2019 | Pioneer

If we recall our vedic history and culture, we would find that the base of the universe is truth. As one of the shlokas in the Bhagwad Gita says, Na abhaavahavidyateysataha, meaning the truth prevails. The above shloka relates to the almighty, who is eternal, everlasting and who creates, nurses, holds and is naturally the base of the universe.

As fire generates fire, truth generates truth. When god created the universe, he also gave true knowledge of the four Vedas to rishis (saints), which has been obtained traditionally till now through ancient and present rishi-munis. So without studying Vedas, wherein the eternal truth exists, who would be able to understand it? The ordinary man doesn’t have the power to know or realise the truth.

Today, when the young generation is not studying Vedas, they, as per a Yajurveda mantra, are indulged in illusion. So without knowing the eternal path of worship, which exists only in Vedas, no one would be able realise the meaning of god.

Vedas preach that through mind (Mansa), voice (Vacha) and deeds (Karma), nobody should follow falsehood. Mundakopnishad says, “Satyamev Jayate, Na Nritam” meaning at last, the truth shall prevail and not falsehood. And anyone who follows truth firmly will get shelter and his speech will never go in vain. However, an undeserving person will never be blessed.

In this regard, the Manusmriti shloka said, “Satyam Brooyaat Priyam Brooyaat, Apriyam Satyam Na Brooyaat.” This implies that one should always speak truth. Be it bitter or sweet, it’s for the good. The rishi-munis used to preach to their disciples Satyam Vad Dharmam Char, which implies that life is given to you to speak the truth and practice moral duties towards your family and nation. However, today, due to lack of facilities to spread vedic knowledge in our country, students are not aware of the lessons that Vedas teach.

In the Mahabharata, it was said that Yudhishthir always spoke truth. It was only once that he said in a reformed manner. However, he is known to have been punished by god after death for it. Today, telling lies have become a custom. Even for petty benefits, people confidently lie. Imagine, the level of serious punishments will be borne by us after death now?

A child learns the most from his parents. They should condition their children in the right way, keep them away from the bad influence and teach him to never lie. And that is why there is a need of spreading the vedic knowledge door to door. This would enable all the human-beings, especially saints, doctors,  lawyers, administrators, teachers to save themselves from corruption, falsehood and professionalism.

(The author, Swami Ram Swarup, is the chief editor of Ved Ishvareeya vani, a bi-annual Magazine.)

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