Be more than a teacher

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Be more than a teacher

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 | Dr Sunita Gandhi

Be more than a teacher

Just like students, teachers too are struggling to adapt to the new normal. They are walking an extra mile to make best use of e-learning. Dr Sunita Gandhi shares tips that can make things easy

The schools and universities across the world have moved their learning management from offline to online due to a global pandemic. From students with poor connectivity to students with no internet access at all, delay in completing the syllabus to getting everyone together in one classroom, uneven attendance, being unable to help the smarter lot stay encouraged to trying various ways to keep the less engaged students concentrated; the transition hasn't been as easy as it seems.

But, here’s the thing; while a significant number of similar training abilities are required in both in-person and online classrooms, teachers in an online class additionally need some more skills.

Online education is still a new concept and keeping in mind that this technique offers advantages to students and educators as well, the difference in the environment requires some extra efforts from both the parties. Regardless of whether the teacher is hoping to take on an online class or keen on teaching school students, it’s essential to recognise what makes a great teacher in any virtual classroom.

Instructors of online classes should be:

Good with communication skills: A successful online class begins with students effectively mindful of the subject and subtopics that are discussed in the classroom. The environment is not very conventional classroom-like, so it requires the teacher to use the best approach possible. A teacher who starts the day on a positive note witha prayer or affirmation; communicate with a controlled use of language; incorporate an informal tone; and use a comfortable style of teaching can make learning in an online setting a powerful experience. Sharing learning goals and exercise plan with the timetable of exercises could also be beneficial.

Synchronous learning that includes quizzes and tests help teachers keep up with their student’s productivity. Teachers need to create, practice, and model their way of teaching, and everything about online classroom guidelines like how students ought to speak with one another when studying together on a video call.

Prepared to relate textbook examples with real-life: Online teaching requires broad utilisation of focused instructional procedures so that students can understand concepts better. Associating the textbook content with students’ own at-home conditions will connect with them in learning and assist them with applying their learning. For example, when doing math, ask students to make word problems dependent on their environment. In language classes, they may consider their surroundings to describe characters. Urge them to share their insights with their companions which will bring them closer to the learning experience. These techniques help students gain adaptive and positive behavioural skills which will enable them to deal with challenges of new learning environment.

The educator needs to build up the ability to adjust the content accordingly and furnish students with more straightforward comparisons or supplemental exercises applicable to their surroundings. He/she may permit students to browse various choices for finishing a task. Make assignments in dynamic google sheets and various other formats that will help them assemble, plan, create, and explore together.

Know when to stop: Modern instructors should know when it’s an ideal opportunity to unplug and simply unwind. They should know that with the current scenarios, the struggle to keep online classes entertaining and fruitful, so it’s considerably important for them to set aside some time for themselves as well as for kids. They likewise should realise when it’s an ideal opportunity to advise their students to unplug as well. They must give their class a mindful break and let them be free.

Persistent: It’s often difficult for students who are new to online classes to learn and adapt as quickly as they would in a traditional classroom. So, the teacher must remain patient through the process of helping students explore the technicalities, remain concentrated, or comprehend class material.

Quick & effective in giving feedback: It is significant for an educator to spare time for study-related questions, remarks, and feedback from each other. This specified time for after-study discussions lets students voice their opinions and considerations and compose their doubts.

The motivation behind this session for students during or after the class is to answer their concerns and measure their learning journey. There are a few simple ways that can be utilised to direct performance-based progress. For instance: teachers can prepare google forms for students to raise their lengthy questions or create multiple-choice questions to know the understanding level of students. These instruments help give significant, explicit, and quick feedback.

Approachable: Apart from the given classroom duration, teachers must also be available for their students for their doubts and concerns. It does not have to be an online one-to-one session but could include emails, google forms, or online chats to ensure they are getting the full learning experience.

Cooperative: Part of being an educator is having the option to work as an individual or as a team. At the point when a teacher acts as a team player, it gives students a superior opportunity to learn and have a great time. Taking care of issues together will just lead to success and doing so cultivates a feeling of a single unit.

The online classroom initiative may be a sudden move for the most part of teachers and students but with the growing advancements in the education-tech industry, the change had to come at some point. It is, in fact, preparing both the parties to be accustomed to the new way of teachingwhich maybe here to stay.

The writer is Founder, Global Classroom Private Limited  & Global Education & Training Institute

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