Go for new age careers

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Go for new age careers

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 | Viveck Vaswani

Go for new age careers

Media is a field that is hugely influenced by new technologies and millennials are crafting a new future for themselves. Viveck Vaswani lists few courses that make for lucrative career options

The growing impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has opened up new ways for the millennials to earn their living. Startups for instance in every field today is an emerging trend that is being harnessed by Gen Z to become entrepreneurs and bring in a new wave of innovation in the industry.

Media is one such field that is hugely influenced by these new technologies and millennials are crafting a new future for themselves with unique opportunities like successful ventures in startups amongst others.

Showrunner: Web series on OTT platforms are created with a purpose to encourage viewers to binge watch on the internet. Making one season of a web series is equivalent to making five full-length feature films. Such scale of production for each project requires creative producers, line producers, writers and individual directors. The overriding authority of this process is the showrunner, who acts as the connecting medium between the platform, the financiers, various writers, producers, and actors.

The showrunner is a highly specialised job that demands expertise in production, direction, writing, finance, marketing, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Typically, showrunners of popular web series earn as much as a top director of a big-budget Bollywood film.

Careers in film appreciation: Most of the people think that cinema is only about making films or acting in them. However, millennials who have a passion for cinema and are interested in studying & researching about the field have a myriad of choices in exploring new age careers. These career options always existed, but now they've become financially rewarding enough to be seen as independent career choices. These career choices include: curating in-flight entertainment for airlines, film museums, cinema archivists, historians, film critics, and creative heads at different film companies, production houses amongst others.

Wedding photography: With time destination weddings have emerged as major events. Wedding photographer, who traditionally used to shoot on negative and sell prints to the family and guests, is now the star of the show. From stylized photoshoots with the use of drones, to digitally correcting the final photos, wedding photography has become a glamorous field. It is one of sought after profession which can pay as much as two lacs per day to the professional photographer. glamour photography, food photography, industrial photography, and corporate photography are equally flourishing.

Music producer: Traditionally, a film used to have one music director, who composed songs as well as the original soundtrack for the film. However, today the industry uses different composers, music directors, and lyricists for each song in a film. With this trend, it becomes vital to ensure that there is continuity and seamlessness in the soundtrack. To withhold this job, comes the role of music producers who take over and deliver the final soundtrack including various versions of the songs.

The writer is Dean, School of contemporary media, Pearl Academy

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