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Legally Yours

Wednesday, 19 August 2020 | Dr Sukhvinder Singh Dari

Legally Yours

A career in law is a lucrative option. However,  it is important to choose the right specialisation. Dr Sukhvinder Singh Dari tells you the parameters to keep in mind before making a decision

Being sure of doing a law degree is only the tip of the iceberg in your journey of legal education. The noble and highly coveted field has many other layers to it.

As you plan to apply for a career in law, there are many factors that can influence your choices. The prestige of the school, the fee and educational requirements play important roles. However, what is one of the most critical factors is to choose a specialisation that suits your interests and needs.

We have picked out the top three parameters that can help you make the right choice. Before we dive into that, let’s skim over why choosing law could be one of the best decisions.

Why choose law?

Law creates a body of rules of action to ensure people can live peacefully with each other. Law protects general safety, and rights as citizens — against abuses from people, organisations or even the system itself. It also helps protect your general safety at the local, state and national levels.

Some of the major benefits of choosing law are:

  • Very versatile degree
  • Builds essential skills for many professions
  • Trains you to think and write logically, clearly and critically
  • Provides transferable skills
  • Imparts the ability to read, write and interpret complex ideas and concepts
  • Combines theory with practise
  • Inculcates public and persuasive speaking along with attention to detail

Put simply, a degree in law builds your overall personality and gives you the confidence and ability to take on any challenge comfortably.

Types of law specialisations

Lawyers play the role of a guardian for their clients. They introduce and inform clients about their rights, advise them on legal matters and help them navigate through the complexities of the law.

Law school will prepare you to practice in a large number of legal fields. Some of the different law specialisations you can choose from are

  • Civil Law
  • Tax Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Labour Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Media Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Litigation

Three parameters to consider before you make the choice

Explore your options:

It is always important to gauge your options before making a decision. It applies to choosing a law specialisation too.

Every university offers a host of choices that you can select from. Going through them will open your mind about what is available to you, what you prefer, where your strengths lie and which will make for a good long-term career choice.

Making an informed decision will pay off in the long run in terms of professional aptitude, achievements and happiness quotient as well.

Evaluate your strengths and abilities

Analysing your strengths and weaknesses will help you gauge what you will be good at and what you may not ace.

For example, if writing and research are your strong points, Intellectual Property Law could be a great choice. However, if public speaking comes easily to you, litigation could be your cup of tea.

It is always better to know what you want without restricting yourself. Combining strengths and abilities can give you multiple options. It is better to keep them all open, rather than limiting yourself to any one. This allows you to change track with changing interests.

Long-term growth and opportunities

When we talk about growth, we must look at where this will take us in the next 15-20 years.

Is there scope to grow?

Are there learning avenues?

Will this maintain the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

Answering important questions like these will ensure you know what you are getting into.

The best way to find answers to these questions is to speak to those working in the field. Delve deep and ask questions to get an idea of what the industry holds in store.

Law is a vast field with many specialisations and numerous career paths. A specialisation in law opens up many doors and expands your horizons. It brings clarity regarding future prospects. Make a wise choice.

The writer is Director, Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

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