Prep tips for CLAT

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Prep tips for CLAT

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 | DR KANU PRIYA

Prep tips for CLAT

The continuous extensions in the exam dates during lockdown is a boon for students. DR KANU PRIYA tells you how aspirants can make the best use of this extra time and ace the exam

The outbreak of COVID-19 has drastically changed everything around us. Social distancing is the norm now and there would definitely be a new normal. Looking at the positive side, we now have a world that is safe and healthier and in a much better prepared to deal with — if something like this ever re-ignites. Digital is the future post-COVID-19. What would have happened in a decade in terms of advancement of technology, may now happen in two years because technology has taken over our lives completely in such a short duration. The education sector is also seen coping up well with the change and the sudden lockdown. This is the time to re-think and re-define the ways to educate Generation Z, Alpha and beyond.

Law is one of the popular career choices in our country from a very long time especially for those whose families have been into this profession for generations but this ideology is changing and those who do not have a family of lawyers are opting for law because of the wide career option gates that law has opened. The diverse career options that a law degree offers are unmatched by any other professional degree. The National Law Universities have brought in a considerable change in the preference of the people and intriguing students to pursue the career.

Furthermore, the Bar Council of India, not only regulates legal education but also legal practice in the country and a higher degree in law is recognised by the University Grant Commission (UGC). There are many Law Colleges in Delhi NCR recognised by the Bar Council of India offering five years integrated BA LLB/BBA LLB/BSc LLB/BCom LLB. A candidate can start preparing for the entrance exam either in Class XI or Class XII. Students aspiring to pursue law from National Law Schools have to appear for CLAT (Combined Law Admission Test), to be held on June 21, 2020, which will further test them based on their general english, legal aptitude, logical reasoning, general awareness and elementary mathematics.

It is the most stressful phase of any parents’ life when their wards after the Class XII exams have to make a career choice for themselves depending on what intrigues them. Looking at the brighter side of this lockdown, students have more time to prepare for CLAT and other law entrance tests. Here are a few tips to help one crack the test.

Clarity: One needs to be clear whether they wish to be an engineer or a lawyer. No entrance test is going to be easy so it’s always better to have the clarity and focus on one thing. Weigh the pros and cons before making any decision and assess themselves if they are fit for a particular profession.

It’s never too late: Stop procrastinating and make the best use of the time left. It’s never too late to start preparing. Use this lockdown to shape the career and make it to the best law school in the country.

Make a plan: One needs to have a plan for everything; be it cracking a competitive exam or starting their own business. Merely knowing and having clarity that they want to be a lawyer will not help. Students need to have a vision of how they want to go about it.

Know the syllabus: Students need to know how much is enough and what is enough. Being directionless won’t help, rather it would only steer them further and further away from their goals.

Stay updated: Inculcate a good habit of staying updated with what's happening in and around the world. Never miss reading the morning newspaper. Students have easy access to e-papers and e-magazines available during the lockdown. Since there isn’t much happening these days apart from COVID-19, students are lucky that the general knowledge segment won’t be tough or too elaborated.

Time management: Prepare a schedule and stick to it. Students need to know how much time they need to devote to preparation keeping in mind that they are going to compete with the best in the country. One cannot be studying all the time too so it's important to manage your time well and give yourself necessary breaks to relax and be at leisure.

Practise makes a person perfect: Practising hard is the key, specifically when the CLAT pattern has changed and it’s more of comprehension now. One may do very well in mock tests but they may not do well when they actually attempt the exam because they are under so much pressure to give in the best and nobody is going to give them another chance. Practise is what will help them get through this with flying colours and make you more confident.

Know your flaws: Students need to know their weak areas and strong areas so that they can devote more time to turn their weak areas into strong ones. A lawyer definitely knows how to turn a disadvantageous situation to his/her own advantage. This would also help them understand how they should be attempting the paper to get the best results.

Plan on how to attempt the paper on the final day: Students should go for what they feel works the best for them. Panicking is not an option, so staying calm and ensuring themselves that they can go through all questions is something which might help them get through this. They should begin with your strongest section. Beginning with what they are good at would boost their confidence and keep them motivated throughout the paper.

Believe: Lastly, students should always trust their hard work, passion and spirit. It is not to be forgotten that the inner conscience is always with them to motivate and inspire them.

Cracking CLAT isn’t something impossible, rather if one is strong enough to undergo a pandemic, they are definitely strong enough to clear an examination. All students require is to focus and have some faith in themselves and they are good to go.

The writer is Professor & Associate Dean, School of Law, Ansal University

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