Put your best foot forward

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Put your best foot forward

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 | Dharini Upadhyaya

Put your best foot forward

Students are now interested in taking up unconventional career options. Dharini Upadhyaya lists courses that will help students to stand out in a clutter

With the rise of the pandemic, situations across the globe have changed drastically in terms of academics, governance, corporate structures, supply chains, even to the extent of climatic conditions. As the saying goes, change is the only constant, and living up to that change is what humans need to be skilled at. Looking around we might wonder what really lies in the future? What can I look forward to as a stable income? How will I ever get through with this current situation? Hopefully by the end of this article you must be able to find most answers for our budding generation.

Apart from career options such as Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Bankers etc. individuals are showing interest to make a career in other sectors, and thereby feel a need to accordingly upgrading their learnings to suit the newer job roles in the market. We now have domains like Tourism, Music, Designing, Theatre and a list to go on, which have been up to date and contemporary.

About a decade ago, seeing Music and Arts as a career was seemed taboo. Drawing was only seen up to the extent of becoming a painter and having paintings exhibited. The field of arts itself has boomed in a tremendous way, surrounding us with more colour, creativity and life. For instance, if your child has dance as their passion, apart from dance shows and competitions, there is place in the Bollywood/Hollywood industries as choreographers. There are universities which certify you as a Professional dancer, where performance is also studied and practiced. Becoming a fitness trainer with dance and helping people live a healthy lifestyle is also another popular option. Similarly, for Music, apart from Music Directors and Singers, there are options of making Music for ads, for video game companies and even other tech companies like Apple. If helping the society is what you are looking for, Music Therapy is also one way where you can do your bit.

If we take Communications, it is also been a bridging gap for many roles. Highlighting Public speaking skills, where it becomes useful in being Hosts for events, Voice overs, auctions, etc. In these roles all it takes is to be confident and communicate the message well. While talking about communications, language is one more career, where it was just for fun and only for survival reasons in a foreign country. Whereas, now you can become a Translator, Journalist, Language Practitioner, even International tour guides, in which the hobby of exploring places and the skills of a Foreign language can help you earn good for a living.

Speech and Drama is one career where from being Actors to Poets is seen as an option. Acting is popular for Bollywood and Indie Soaps in India, but there is Theatre too, where you act in plays and stages, and not just on screen. You may also become Director, that is being behind the cameras, yet showing your piece of art through your guidance. Poetry again is something where you can publish and also Slam Poetry, where instead of writing you speak the poetry you have written. There are many institutes that promote these hobbies and help you find options.

The one thing common in all these fields are, sharing the knowledge learnt through educating others, that is by being Trainers. The field of teaching has grown subject-wise, where Music, Art, Drama and Languages, all of these can have a great career ahead. All we need is to curate the idea of sticking to one's ambitions and passions in life. Our young adults today, have been fortunate to be quite exposed to what lies behind books and out in the world. Aiding them with whatever is needed to make it to their destination, is what we need now focus on.

In the view of this thought, we have launched an array of courses that help children to take a step towards their hobbies and make it a career and most important, have fun. FSM Buddy showcases all the skills where one's Creative side is nurtured and developed. We mainly focus on the Right brain skill development, and have Online educators that have a vast experience and specialise in the respective fields.

Finally, in the words of Katharine Whitehorn, “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it”. If you have the passion and desire to fulfill your dreams in your life, there ain't no mountain high enough! Keep your focus on and your will high, you surely can achieve success in doing what you love.

The writer is Co-founder and Co-CEO Furtados School of Music

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