Tips to Freshen Up an Old Bathroom

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Tips to Freshen Up an Old Bathroom

Thursday, 27 August 2020 | Agencies

Tips to Freshen Up an Old Bathroom

Some bathrooms have an ageless look, a classic design that does not seem to go out of style. However, some show wear and tear with outdated fixtures and colours that have seen better days. If your bathroom is one of those that are worn out and starting to be an eye-sore, freshening it up wouldn’t hurt. It is an area of your home that you spend a lot of personal time in, and you want to have a place where you are pleased with its appearance and comfortable within its walls.

Your bathroom, no matter how old it is, can be transformed into something beautiful and new. You can even buy complete bathrooms with various options to suit your specific taste. The following are a few tips to give your old bathroom a fresh look.

Replace your old fixtures

No matter how attractive the design or colours of your bathroom may be, worn-out fixtures can ruin the old look. A sink that looks like it is about to fall apart, a leaky tap or a shabby looking toilet has no place inside your bathroom. Make sure that you are meticulous with details. If items need to be replaced, do not hesitate. If you want your bathroom to look new, you must replace old fixtures, picking new ones that will complement the room’s colours and design.

Make use of neutral colours

Smaller bathrooms can benefit from neutral tones. White or grey is ideal as they can make the room appear much wider than it is. They are also excellent choices for larger bathrooms. Apart from the illusion of space, the room becomes brighter. Whether a bathroom has windows or not, these colours can reflect light better from your chosen lighting. Make sure that you pick the appropriate lights, preferably ones with dimmers so you can adjust them according to what you prefer.

Keep decor to a minimum

Nowadays, being minimalist is the way to go. This means keeping an area free from unnecessary accessories or other unused items that are a waste of space. This does not mean that your bathroom needs to be completely bare. You only need to choose a few pieces of your preferred artwork to hang on your bathroom walls. Other decorative items that you want to see can be set on ledges or in specific areas that do not add clutter to the bathroom. Make good use of your storage space for essential bathroom items without overfilling it. Adding a plant is an excellent idea. It is both attractive and does much to improve the quality of the air inside the bathroom.

Keep it tidy and clean

A bathroom must always be clean. There is no way around this. You need to ensure that there is nothing here that can cause health problems. Everything must be in its proper place.

The way your bathroom is maintained is entirely up to you. If you and your family keep it neat and clean, it will always remain as fresh as the day you spruced it up.

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