Nadda: States passing anti-CAA resolutions are misleading people

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Nadda: States passing anti-CAA resolutions are misleading people

Friday, 03 January 2020 | PTI | Vadodara (Guj)

States passing resolutions against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) are misleading people, as citizenship falls under the Centre's purview, BJP working president J P Nadda said here on Thursday.

The Kerala Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution against the CAA, demanding scrapping of the controversial Act which grants citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who arrived in India before 2015.

"Some states are passing resolutions against the CAA. Citizenship is a subject under the Central government, and the law has been passed by the Centre and bears the signature of President," Nadda said.

"It has been implemented, and beneficiaries will get citizenship, you (state governments opposing the CAA) should stop misleading people," he added, speaking at Rs CAA Janjagaran Sammelan' organized by the BJP here.

"You can tell facts to the Congress, but it is not in a position to understand truth. We can explain only if they understand, but if they do not want to understand despite being intelligent, then we cannot do anything," he said.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi did not know anything about the CAA, he said.

"I would like to ask the Congress why its leaders did not condemn the violence during (anti-CAA) protests that caused damage to public properties. They are all hand in glove," the BJP working president said.

Eighty per cent of beneficiaries under the Act would be Dalits, Nadda claimed.

"Congress sheds crocodile tear for Dalits....It only used them for political ends....80 per cent of those being provided citizenship under the Act are Dalits," he said.

Communities such as Matua, Rajvanshi and Namo Sudra migrated to India from the three neighbouring countries and they would be the biggest beneficiaries of the CAA, he said.

Nadda also said, citing reports in the Washington Post and New York Times, that there were 5,50,000 Sikh families in Afghanistan at one time but now only 2,000 families are left.

"A momentary mistake of Partition made generations suffer," he said.

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