Varisha murder case: Girl who was deemed dead and family buried her, comes alive

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Varisha murder case: Girl who was deemed dead and family buried her, comes alive

Wednesday, 05 August 2020 | Pradeep Saxena | Aligarh

A new twist has emerged in the Varisha murder case. Recently, after identifying the dead body found in a trolley bag in Ghaziabad as family preference, it was  buried by the family members and her in-laws were sent to jail for murder. But, now Varisha has returned alive.

She herself reached Aligarh's Gandhi Park station and told about the whole episode. Bulandshahr police has taken her from Aligarh police in their custody.

A woman arrived at Gandhi Park police station in Aligarh district on Monday evening. She told the police that she was married to a young man Aamir, resident of Upar kot area of ??Bulandshahr on June 1. On July 1, a month after her marriage, she came to her maternal home in Aligarh. After which, on July 17, she reached back to her in-laws.

It is alleged that upon arriving at the in-laws house, the accused in-laws snatched her jewelery and accused her maternal side of stealing the jewelry. On opposing she was beaten up by her husband on July 22. Due to this, she left her in-laws house in the afternoon of 23 July.

However, she did not go to her maternal home and went to the Bhanbel police station in Noida, where she worked before marriage. When she came to know that her maternal side had identified the body of a wrong woman as her body and cremated her, she reached the police station and told the whole truth.

After which the Aligarh Police informed the Bulandshahr Police about the case. After which there was a stir in Bulandshahar and Ghaziabad police. Bulandshahr police reached Aligarh and the Aligarh police handed over the victim to Bulandshahr police. Now she will be presented in court on Tuesday. Also, the police has taken her mother from Aligarh as well.

This was the caseOn June 1, Varisha's was married to Aamir Khan, a resident of Mohalla Uparkot in Nagar Kotwali area of ??Bulandshahar district. But, on July 23, after about 53 days of marriage, Varisha went missing under suspicious circumstances. In the case, her husband had reported missing in Nagar Kotwali.

On July 27, four days after Varisha's disappearance, the body of an unknown woman was found in a trolley bag in New Hindon area of ??Sahibabad police station area of ??Ghaziabad.

 The same night, a young man named Israel, resident of Aligarh, reached Ghaziabad and identified the deceased as his sister Varisha. On the complaint of Varisha's mother, the city police registered a case against the accused husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law, and arrested them and they were sent to jail only on 28 July.



Ghaziabad police will identify the body found in a trolleybag.

However, the body of the body found in a trolleybag in Ghaziabad was identified by Varisha's family as her daughter. However, now after the return of Varisha, it will be the biggest challenge to identify the deceased in front of the Ghaziabad police.

Police had preserved DNA and burial

Despite the identification of the body found in the trolley bag, some officials had doubts because the photographs of the deceased and Varissa do not quite match each other. However, the body was handed over to the relatives of Varisha after the post-mortem by the Ghaziabad police. However, samples for DNA and Burial were preserved. Now on the basis of these, the dead person can be identified.

In-laws will stay in jail in case of dowry harassment

After Varisha's return, police officers have questioned her deeply. In which she told that she was being harassed for dowry. Her husband and in-laws also tried to kill her. Police is now talking of removing section 304B of the IPC from the FIR registered against husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law. Whereas, the sections of dowry harassment and assault cases will be kept unchanged. Also, all three accused will remain in jail.

Santosh Kumar Singh, SSP, Bulandshahr told-

On July 23, newlyweds Varisha, who was missing from Nagar Kotwali area, reached the Gandhipark police station in Aligarh on Monday. Where she has told a woman policeman the whole incident. Varisha and her mother have been brought to Bulandshahr. Section 304B of the IPC against the jailed husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law is being removed. They will remain in jail in case of dowry harassment.

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