The light is not so bright

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The light is not so bright

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 | Pammi Jamalpuria

The light is not so bright

The shift to online education has brought with it a plethora of eye problems. PAMMI JAMALPURIA shares preventive tips

The Coronavirus pandemic has reformed the learning process of a child. This crisis has not only impacted our regular habits and livelihood but also leading to new eye health issues for our little ones.

The main reason behind this issue is the paradigm shift of the education sector across the world following COVID-19 related restrictions. Online education has now become necessary. The merging of technology and learning has led to some unprecedented changes making children spend a considerable amount of time in front of digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Now the textbooks have also been replaced with online assignments.With very little choices left the current situation has forced the parents to engage their kids with electronic devices to prevent any outside exposure.

Children these days often complain about itchiness, irritation, redness in their eyes and the reason behind this issue is exposure to blue light or junk lights emitting from the digital screens. Blue light is a particularly intense light wave emitted naturally by the sun, and artificially by digital devices like smartphones, tablets and computers and even from the indoor LED lighting systems. It does not really matter if your kids have an eye power or not. It is advised to wear blue light protective lenses while using digital devices as it can help them to prevent eye strain or eye irritation. Additionally as blue light glasses act as filter for your eyes it actually helps in eye relaxation even when one is exposed to digital screens for a prolonged time.

Since blue light filters ensures that eyes are protected from unnecessary strains it is implied that using blue light filters can help you in combating your sleep disruption cycle.

Apart from digital eye strain, all these digital shifts in the lifestyle impacts a child’s vision and subject them to the risk of developing other issues like myopia, dry eyes and early setting of macular degeneration.

It is extremely important to take preventive measures to check such fate among children by adopting a few simple steps:

  • Making them use the right set of glasses/spectacles while using any electronic gadgets or digital devices.
  • Maintaining a minimum distance of 50-60 cm between the screen and the  eyes
  • Controlling the brightness level of the device
  • Discouraging usage of digital screens two hours before bedtime
  • Eye exercises as suggested by your eyecare practitioner
  • Mandatory annual eye checkup for every school going children.

The writer is VP- Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab, Nova Eyewear

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