‘Bhopal National Theatre and Poetry Fest 2020’ underway at Ravindra Bhavan

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‘Bhopal National Theatre and Poetry Fest 2020’ underway at Ravindra Bhavan

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A grand five day theatre festival “Bhopal National Theatre and Poetry Festival 2020” is being organised at Ravindra Bhavan auditorium that began here from Monday. Presenting the plays of different geners, the fest began with two plays “Sharafat Teri Aisi Tesi” and “Kabuliwala”.

Sharafat Teri Aisi Tesi is directed by Ashok Bulani and Kabuliwala is directed by Reena Sinha. Notably, the evenjng began with poetry recital by Rajesh Joshi and Shruti Kushwaha. It was followed with the presentation of plays.

The theatre buffs of the city enjoyed the colourful performances presented by the theatre artists of the city.

The play Sharafat Teri Aisi Tesi is a satarical play. In this one hour and 15 minute drama, the story of three families is shown, who always quarrel with each other.

In order to teach each other a lesson, they secretly send a girl. She pretends that she has burnt her hand and then sends burnol from boy's family  it creates a confusion among the family members leading to humrous results.

Next play Kabuliwala is about the relationship of humanity between a little girl, her father and a dry-fruit seller. Kabuliwala shares the story of a dry-fruit seller all the way from Afghanistan.

He befriends, the little girl Mini. But, the destiny separates them and after 10 long years, he again visited Mini only to realize that she is getting married and has a really blur memory of him.

Both the plays left audience enthralled as the performances were beautifully presented.  

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