‘Win win situation for India’

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‘Win win situation for India’

Sunday, 18 October 2020 | Dr Banshidhar Rukhaiyar

The true colour of China and the cause of her frustration leading to attempted incursions into the Indian borders became amply clear when it said in a recent statement that it does not recognize the creation of the Union Territory of Laddakh and thereby not approve of the bifurcation of the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir.

It also laid claim on Arunachal Pradesh, which it has been doing for a long time. What is new and noticeable is the clubbing of Laddakh with Arunachal Pradesh. There is no denying that China has been objecting to development works on the border objections; nevertheless, our construction work of infrastructure has been going on at a great speed. We are desperate to catch up with China which has already created valuable strategic infrastructure in border areas. However, these objections had never been so flat, terse and tough as the recent statement.

China defeated us in 1962 and it still haunts our memory. It has left a deep scar on the Indian psyche. China has kept this narrative alive in a brilliant manner with the help of its propaganda machinery which includes some Indian intellectuals also.

We gave China a bloody nose in 1967, but failed to create a narrative and popularize it in the Indian masses which could have lifted the morale of the countrymen. We also failed to do so after our resounding victory against Pakistan in 1965 and 1971. How many of the young generation know about the scintillating stories of the exemplary courage and valour shown by our military personnel in these wars. We do not realise the value of positive narratives on young minds. We are poor storytellers right now, though we had been brilliant in this art in the past.

China was taken off the guard when Articles 370 and 35 A were abrogated. It had never imagined that India would give such a shocker, though it was apprehensive of the development of infrastructure in border areas of the Indian side.

The tag of a soft state hid the powerful muscles of the Indian govt. and it greatly helped us in solving this vexed issue. China would have penetrated deep in POK had our complacency continued for a decade or two. But history is not based on conjectures and surmises. It is based on hard reality. The Chinese have missed the bus. Gone are the days of laid back Indian attitude. It is a new India which is ready to take on the dragon and the global situation is also favourable for us. The arrogance of China has alienated her from all her immediate neighbours.

This is the high time to put our acts together and give China a bloody nose. This is our turn to defeat China and inflict humiliation. China is caught in a quagmire.

A retreat would greatly undermine the leadership of Xi Jinping at home and a possible defeat at the hands of India would blast the Chinese image internationally.

Therefore, India should not grant any opportunity of honourable retreat to the Chinese forces, rather they should be provoked for a war. If India cannot defeat China, India cannot be defeated either.

Hence, it is a win win situation for India. Nothing to lose but everything to gain. Moreover, China has no friend worth the name. It is true that India will have to take China on her own and nobody will help her directly, but it is equally true that capital of sympathy and moral support is no les valuable.

Ours is the path of self-defense and righteousness. China is the technical incursor and we have every right to defend ourselves.

Injure the dragon seriously and the global powers are waiting to have their pound of flesh on the negotiation table which would follow thereafter. It is no dream, it is writing on the wall. It is trying times for our brave and battle hardened soldiers and our political leadership.

We, as a nation, has to stand solidly behind the leadership and the armed forces.

( The writer is Registrar, Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag and a passionate writer. The views expressed in the article are his own.)

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