Ancient tradition of Bhand Pather presented on YouTube channel

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Ancient tradition of Bhand Pather presented on YouTube channel

Saturday, 01 August 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The ancient tradition of Bhand Pather, a folk performance genre from Kashmir, was presented on YouTube channel on Friday. The play 'Shikargah Pather' was presented under Abhinayan series organised by Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum.

The story of the kingdom of Pashupati - Lord Shiva - and its forest beings was told through the play, which also took on a contemporary problem – man-nature conflict.

The play was directed by Ismail Ahmad Bagath. Bhand in Kashmiri means 'play', while the pather is the performer.The performers use the traditional dholak, a large wooden percussion instrument tuned with coir and hide and the horn which resembles the Indian classical shehnai.

Kashmir is known for its rich culture and various art forms. Bhand Pethar (a collection of folk plays) is one of the century-old art forms that reveal social, cultural and environmentalism depicted through drama, dance, music, humor and satire.

Shikargah Pather play is about Pashupatinath a kingdom of Shiva and his wildlife - trees, humans, animals and birds. Pather begins with a tune called "Sailah Mukam". Shikargah Pather is a pure reflection of Mughal rule and illiteracy prevalent among the people of that period. "Guapan Goar" is one of the main characters of the play who is familiar with the jungle. Guapan Goar helps the soldiers and sheh riders to find the lion attacking the deer.

This presentation gives the message of co-existence between life and culture.

This presentation has been directed by Imtiaz Ahmed Bagath, Kashmir.

Imtiaz Ahmed Bagath has been associated with the field of Rang Karma for many years. Mr. Bagath has acted as well as directed in many folk dances.

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