Boy swallows toy, life saved by docs

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Boy swallows toy, life saved by docs

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

The doctors of Mahant Indiresh (MI) hospital here have saved the life of a six year old child by removing a small toy which had stuck in his windpipe. According to the doctors, a six year old male child had accidentally swallowed a small toy which comes with a packet of chips. This toy, when stuck in the airway caused breathlessness after which his worried parents brought him to MI hospital. Here the child was assessed by the Head of Department (HoD) of ENT department, Dr Tripti M Mamgain, who after investigating the child by endoscopy (Bronchoscopy) found that the toy was stuck in the child’s airway causing difficulty in breathing. An emergency bronchoscopy procedure for the removal of this foreign body was done by Dr Mamgain and her team which saved the life of the child.

She said such cases can be easily preventable if the parents exercise caution while such snacks/packets for their children.     

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