Child's rights for a developed society

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Child's rights for a developed society

Saturday, 21 November 2020 | SUBHANARAYAN SATPATHY

These days issues of child abuse, neglect, maltreatment are rampant world over. The development of world is not be possible unles the development of children is not ensured.

 Keeping in view, the development, protection and interest of children, the Universal Children’s Day was started in 1954 by the United Nations and November 20 is observed as the day. 

UN representative of India VK Krishnamenon had proposed for observance of the day worldwide. The day is meant for all-round development of children with protection of their rights thereby creating awareness globally. Every moment of a child is important. In this regard all the stakeholders like teachers, relatives, parents, guardians, Government and non Government agencies should work in tandem for psychological, intellectual and physical wellbeing  of the children so that protection of child rights can be ensured.

An Unicef repot 2018 speaks that 6.3 million children below 15 years perished in 2017 due to various factors.

Out of them, 5.4 million are below 5 years of age. Though child mortality rate reduced in last two decades, still much need to be done to improve the scenario. Hence, health and wellbeing of children are certainly a challenge for the people of world. If the same situation continues, then the world will possibly lose 56 million children below 5years of age between 2018 and 2030. The death rate among South Asia and Africa is very high.

Malnutrition is another reason of death of below 5years of age children. Infection occurs due to malnutrition. Frequent infection among children leads to death.

Here, mothers' role is very vital and they must be aware of the issues.Similarly as per calculation of Unesco, 263 million children and adolescent drop out from schools worldwide. Out of which 168 million are identified to be in labour sector where 68 million are girls.

 It is a very sensitive matter. Continuing education and awareness among parents and eradication of poverty will protect rights of children and ensure their best interest.  

On the available information of various websites 12 per cent children are sexually abused worldwide in last some years and 12 million girls below 18 years of age are married.

If such drastic situation continues then 150 million underage girls will be married by 2030.Another astonishing fact is that one third of total human trafficking cases involve children.

So the issues of child labour, child abuse, child marriage and child trafficking etc are acute. It will be fruitful when the family members, relatives and neighbours will come forward for protection of the children.

As we know 80 per cent child rights violations take place by involvement of family members and relatives. Violation of child rights leads to mental and physical abuses resulting in distress and neurological disorders of children.At individual and community level every person’s responsibility and duty is to protect children’s rights at any cost thereby ensuring special care and guidance for them.

Sometimes family disturbance, separation between parents, awful peer groups mislead children to a wrong path. Hence the community people should identify every vulnerabilities or possible risks.

Familiar with every service available for children is duty of every parents, guardians and caregivers. Various laws like Child Marriage Prohibition, Protection of children from sexual offence, Prohibition of Child labour, Juvenile Justice, Right to Education etc and schemes like Samagra Sikhya, ICDS, MDM, CPS, SABALA, Balika Smrudhi, Nutrition Operation Plan, RBSK etc are in effect to extend relevant services related to improve health , education, intellectual capacity of every child.

So all of us should know about these opportunities and come forward to extend every possible service to care, protect and respect children.

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