CIL's OBR coal composite at 58% of normal in strike period

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CIL's OBR coal composite at 58% of normal in strike period

Thursday, 09 July 2020 | PNS | ranchi

The State run coal producing company Coal India Limited (CIL) claimed that it produced a total of 1.72 Million Tonnes (MTs) of coal and supplied 1.60 MTs to its customers during the three-day strike from July 2 to July 4 called by five central trade unions protesting the Government's decision over commercial coal mining.

Overburden Removal (OBR) and coal composite amounted to a total of 14.20 MTs during the referred strike period.  OBR and coal composite means the volume of coal produced and topsoil excavated combined.

OBR is an important performance parameter as it exposes the coal seam for future production at short notice. 

Despite the strike the state owned Maharatna coal miner managed 44 per cent of coal output, compared to the average of ten days immediately prior to the first day of the strike. CIL on an average per day was producing 1.3 MTs of coal during the ten-day phase.

Similarly, coal despatch was 38 per cent of the referred ten-day average as CIL's supplies were 1.40 MTs per day. OBR and coal composite scored a high of 58 per cent, the average per day being 8.14 MTs.

CIL produced 0.57 MTS of coal on an average per day and despatched 0.53 MTs of the dry during the three-day period. Whereas, the average per day of OBR and coal composite was 4.73 MTs.


“Though the operations were subdued to a certain degree, the performance of the company was better than what was anticipated during the strike period” said an executive of the company.


The attendance of the employees progressively increased from the first day of the strike over the three-day period, averaging close to 36 per cent.  This means, with a little over one-third of the attendance, the company could still produce 58 per cent of OBR and coal composite combined. 


OBR alone at 5.70 Million Cubic Metres during the referred strike days clocked 61 per cent of the ten-day's average.


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