Crime rate in ’20 dropped by 37% in G’gram

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Crime rate in ’20 dropped by 37% in G’gram

Thursday, 24 December 2020 | Parvesh Sharma | Gurugram

Despite the lockdown in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Gurugram police have recorded a reduction in crime of only around 37 per cent till December 23, 2020.

This was by official crime data released by the city police on Wednesday.

This year 3,889 cases of murder, dacoity, house theft, simple theft, fighting/snatching and vehicle theft were registered as against 6,161 cases reported in 2019, as per the police data.

The figure of the cases of crime against women and children yet to be released by the city police.

As per the data this year around 84 cases of murder was registered at different police stations in Gurugram of which 64 cases have been solved. Last year around 103 murder cases were reported.

Similarly, 11 cases of dacoity were reported in 2020 and the cops claimed that all of these have been sorted out. In the previous year, around 17 cases of such crime were reported in Gurugram.

Also, this year the police have registered 322 cases of house theft. Out of these cases 121 have been solved. Last year 569 cases of house theft were registered in the city.

Moreover, in the present year around 787 instances of simple theft were reported in Gurugram. Out of these 249 cases have been solved, claimed the Gurugram police. Last year the figure for such cases was 1,252.

Likewise, 41 cases of snatching were reported in the current year and 29 have been disposed off by the cops.

In 2019, around 136 cases of snatching were registered in the city.

Meanwhile, this year 2,658 instances of vehicle theft were reported in Gurugram of which 537 have been resolved. In the previous year around 4,048 such crimes were registered in Gurugram, the police said.

Besides this, the city police have busted around 62 gangs involved in several organised crimes according to an official.

Officials said that these gangs were specialized in murder, vehicle lifting, robbery, snatching, ATM theft and theft. The cops have also made recoveries of around Rs 1, 80, 96,649 from their possession.

The police have arrested 159 members of various gangs and have solved around 293 cases. Out of these 62 gangs, 20 gangs were involved in vehicle theft and the police have recovered more than Rs 46 lakh from their possessions, the police said.

Apart from this, the district police have also nabbed 34 wanted criminals on which a bounty of Rs 5,000 to 2 lakh was fixed on their arrest by the Haryana police.

Also, this year the Gurugram police had nabbed 10 criminals who were involved in heinous cases after an encounter. Along with this the cops have also arrested 368 proclaimed offenders, 93 bail jumpers and 1 parole jumper this year so far.

"From the beginning of the year the crime branch units of the Gurugram police started to keep vigil on these gangs and with joint efforts of the police station teams and crime branch units these gangs were arrested.

The cracking of so many gangs will surely help in curbing crime volume in the city. This is a routine process and teams of crime branch will keep on tracking the bursting of such gangs,” said KK Rao, commissioner of Gurugram police.

The commissioner further said that the crime branch units have also managed to arrest more than ten members of the city's most wanted criminal Sube gang after an encounter this year so far”.

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