DIGs asked to ensure setting up of women help desk in police stations

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DIGs asked to ensure setting up of women help desk in police stations

Thursday, 09 July 2020 | M FAIYAZ AHMAD | DALTONGANJ

Inspector General of Police (IG) Provisions Suman Gupta has asked all Deputy Inspector Generals of police of various police ranges in Jharkhand to ensure setting up/ strengthening of Women Help Desk (WHD) in police stations where there is a high incidence of crime/ atrocity against women and there is lack of facilities for their children, who languish on account of this crime and atrocity on women as well.

The Women Help Desk is to be run with Nirbhya Fund said sources and the government is keen to spend it most judiciously and legitimately.

IG Suman Gupta has issued a letter to this effect on June 29 and sources said the DIGs of police have forwarded it to their SPs of the districts falling in their ranges for a start on WHD with Nirbhya Fund.

Sources said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) government of India has issued elaborate guidelines for WHD in police stations despite the established fact that ‘police’ and ‘public’ are the state subjects under 7th schedule of the Constitution of India but nevertheless the country witnessed the gory and macabre Nirbhya Case which led to the raising of fund titled Nirbhya Fund and the MHA has to step in for safety, dignity and security of women in the country.

SP Palamu Ajay Linda said “I have nominated one nodal officer in this regard. Work on setting up WHD is in full swing here in Palamu”.

SDPO Sadar Sandip KumarGupta has been made the nodal officer who said, “Under order of SP Linda we will see this WHD helps the needy women here.”

Linda said, “I have asked my officers to identify some such police stations which witness high incidence of crime/ atrocity against women and their children become a mute spectator to the sufferings.”

Linda said as Palamu has not only been a feudalistic place in the past here male chauvinism is also high and the result is women are to bear the brunt most. He said in land disputes women are hurt and injured. Infidelity leads to killing as well he reminded.

The MHA speaks of 10,000 police stations in the country to have this WHD where the share of Jharkhand is stated to be 300 police stations.

In one time assistance to the states of the country and UTs ( union territories) the MHA is set to release Rs 100 crores for this project in the initial year under Nirbhya Fund and after reviewing the performance of WHD more new police stations may be brought under this umbrella for Nirbhya Fund.

Sources said each police station where this WHD is to be set up /strengthened is to get one lakh of rupees which is a central fund under Nirbhya Fund.

Linda said, “Our IG Suman Gupta has asked us to get it started soon. As per MHA guideline the WHD is to be headed by a woman police officer not below the rank of ASI.”

Linda further said quoting MHA guidelines the panel for WHD will have lawyer, psychologist and such NGOs which have a track record of working for women and children in distress.

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