Film Naval Divers screened at Shaurya Smarak

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Film Naval Divers screened at Shaurya Smarak

Sunday, 22 November 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

After a rigorous training, the Indian Navy officers are prepared to conduct special operations and duties to save the country. The life of these brave Naval Divers was showcased in a film Naval Divers.

Directed by MS Patwari, the film was screened at Shaurya Smarak here on Saturday. The movie unveils the life, training and other facts about Indian Navy Divers. These special forces serve the marine boundaries of the country and participate in different activities and wars.

The movie also discloses about what steps have to be taken to become a Naval Diver. It is shown in the movie about their training process like beginning from the school, to normal training, advanced training and specialized training. Notably, each assignment they take on is crucial and backed by a steadfast dedication to teamwork.

Navy Divers are part of an extraordinary community. They journey anywhere from the darkest depths of the world’s oceans to freezing arctic-like conditions underneath icebergs, accomplishing a number of tasks only few can perform, with no margin for error.

Their training is done in two categories Ship Divers and Clearance Divers. The Indian Diving School of Indian Navy is located in Kochi.

The Naval divers have some responsibilities and duties. They have to perform a variety of diving salvage operations and special diving duties worldwide, take part in construction and demolition projects, execute search and rescue missions, support military and civilian law enforcement agencies, serve as the technical experts for diving evolutions for numerous military Special Operations units, provide security, communications and other logistics during Expeditionary Warfare missions and also carry out routine ship maintenance, including restoration and repair

Training to become a Navy Diver challenges their willpower, intelligence and physical strength and puts thier desire to the test.

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