Folk play staged at Tribal Museum Auditorium

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Folk play staged at Tribal Museum Auditorium

Saturday, 29 February 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The Chhattisgarhi folk saga 'Dasmat' folk play was staged on Friday at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum Auditorium. The play was staged under Uttaradhikar series.  The play was directed by  Rakesh Tiwari (Raipur).

According to the folklore, King Bhoj has an ego that the subjects of his kingdom believe that all live and eat on the fate of the king. But the king's younger daughter, Dasmat, believes that she eats her own fate.

On this, the king gets angry and marries Dasmat with a worker named Sudan. With the passage of time, one day the laborer husband of tenamat digging the pond "Jogni Pathara" which is a real diamond, which is recognized by the tenant moneylender takes its fair price and the family of tenmat is completed.

Now Raja Bhoj gets into a state of poverty in the change of time, then Dammat gives full respect to his father and goes to 'Dhauranagar' state to dig a pond with the working group.

Raja Mahanadeva of Dhauranagar, bewitched on the form of tenamat, proposes marriage, but the working class people refuse the marriage, telling the king the whole truth, but when the king becomes insistent the head of the group stipulates that if the king is his Marriage is possible only if we consume alcohol and pork according to caste and tradition.

The king accepts the condition. The king is fed with wine and meat and tied in a cot and transported to another kingdom at night.

When the king regains consciousness, he learns that his prince, sons and queens are unhappy with his behavior and do not want to enter the palace anymore, then the king becomes very sad and sets out on a divine vision with the sages but the way when he is seen digging the pond, the working group changes his views again and he once again calls and threatens to marry Dacamat.

The head of the group asks him to marry after worshiping 'Sabal'. During this puja, tenamat runs to King Mahanadev with a sabbatical form of divine power, then King Mahanadev runs away after getting scared and lives.

The presentation of this saga prevalent among the Dewar and Yadav communities in Chhattisgarh was prepared in a theatrical form that left the audinece mesmerised.

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