Hindi play ‘Raja Harishchandra’ performed with fervor

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Hindi play ‘Raja Harishchandra’ performed with fervor

Saturday, 20 June 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A Hindi play “Raja Harishchandra” was performed here on Friday. The play was featured on Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum’s YouTube Channel under Abhinayan series of drama.

The play was directed by Krishna Kumari.

This fascinating story was much enjoyed by the viewers. Also it was presented brilliantly by the artists of the theatre group.

At the centre of this presentation is King Harishchandra. Raja Harishchandra was the king of Ayodhya, the famous brave king, who was the son of Satyavrat. He was unique to his integrity and for this, he had to endure many hardships in life. Raja Harishchandra had dedicated himself along with his wife and son to walk on the path of truth.

It is said that - ‘Chandra Tera Suraj Tarai, Tarey Jagat Behnaa, Pai Purely Shri Harishchandra’s Sacchai. His wife’s name was Tara and the son’s name was Rohit, he donated a whole kingdom to Rishi Vishwamitra due to his devoted nature.

In this presentation the artists presented how Vishwamitra took revenge on Raja Harishchandra and still did not get off the path of truth. Raja Harishchandra stays on the path of truth forever.

Harishchandra’s tribulations and his enduring behaviour were presented to the audience by artists on stage in artistic manner.

The end of this presentation is accompanied by the meaningful duty of King Harishchandra and the victory of truth. Through this presentation, the artists gave inspiration to the audience to be truthful and to be perfect with self-confidence.

The play was much enjoyed by the viewers.

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