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Kejriwal accuses Shah of insulting people of Delhi

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Kejriwal accuses Shah of insulting people of Delhi

Monday, 27 January 2020 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah of insulting people of Delhi during his daily campaigning for the upcoming election.  

Kejriwal said in the last five years, the people of Delhi have worked very hard to improve our city. "Two Crore people of Delhi got together to fix our schools, hospitals, electricity and water supply. But Amit Shah comes daily and makes fun of the hard work of the people of Delhi in the last five years," he said.

While campaigning a few days back, Shah said there is no CCTV cameras were installed in Delhi, he said, adding that the next day people sent him a CCTV recording in which he was seen. "How many cameras have you installed in Delhi? Not even one right? Instead of making fun of the people of Delhi, it would have been better if your central government had also installed some cameras in Delhi," he said.

Talking about the achievement of the AAP Government, he said "Delhi’s Government schools had a pass percentage of 96 per cent this year. The parents of these children worked hard with the children staying awake all through the night. 65000 teachers of Delhi government worked hard on the children," he said.

"In the history of India, no state has ever had a pass percentage higher than 96 per cent in government schools. Other states of the country have results in the range of 40to 50 per cent. People of Delhi are proud of their children’s success," he added.

Referring the statement of Home Minister in which he said that the state of education in Delhi is very poor, he said "When children and teachers saw this statement on TV, they felt very bad. Many parents came to me and said that they felt very bad when they heard your statement. What would have been good politics is if you had learned from the people of Delhi and improved the schools of UP and Haryana as well. Why go so far? You should fix the school of MCD first," he added.

Hitting out at Home Minister, the Chief Minister said "Your people are saying that the people of Delhi are ‘bikau’ because Delhiites get free electricity, water, bus service, schools and hospitals. Due to the policies of your central government, there is so much inflation in the country. It has become difficult for a common man to survive. So if the government of Delhi made people’s electricity, water free to give them some respite from inflation, does it make the people of Delhi ‘bikau’? This is absolutely wrong."

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