Local dances screened on MPSTM’s YouTube channel

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Local dances screened on MPSTM’s YouTube channel

Monday, 24 August 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh Government Culture Department broadcasted the presentation of dance of ‘Lehngi, Koldahka and Ghasiyabaja’ dances on Sunday. It was held under the traditional music series Uttaradhikar on Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum YouTube channel.

Lehngi dance is the main dance of Sahariya community, Sahariya community resides in Guna, Shivpuri, Gwalior, Ashoknagar etc. districts of the state.

This community calls its settlement ‘Saharana’. In the middle of Saharana, young men of the community in and around Badi Chaupal dance on the occasion of traditional songs and dholak on various occasions, mainly at weddings and in the form of a good harvest, with a stick in hand, making a circle and dancing in between.

A man plays the drum. The dance begins at a slow pace and finishes quickly.

Then, Koldahka Dance was presented. The main dance of the Kol community. The people of Kol community are mainly settled in the north-eastern region of Madhya Pradesh. In this dance, both men and women dance together.

The male is the player / singer and the women dance at the same pace with different hand-postures on singing. People of the Kol community believe that life is successful only with the partnership of both men and women. Whenever there is a happy occasion or ritual in the life of this community, the dance is performed with full fervor.

Ghasiyabaja was presented at the end. The Ghasia population lives in and around Singroli district of Baghelkhand region. It consists of an instrument called Ghasiyabaja, which is similar to Gudumbaja of Dhulia, a sub-caste of the Gond community, it is believed that when Lord Shiva was married, the people of Dhulia and Ghasia community together with Ghasiyabaja yantra.

Playing the instruments like timkey, shehnai, dhaf, adds zest in the performance. Since then, these players are invited to sound manglic on the occasion of various occasion-rituals in these communities.

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