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Pratishodh Ki Aag performed at Rangashri Little Ballet Troupe

| | Bhopal
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Pratishodh Ki Aag performed at Rangashri Little Ballet Troupe

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A dance drama “Pratishodh Ki Aag” was held at Rangashri Little Ballet Troupe here on Monday, marking the conclusion of three-day theatre festival.

The drama tells the story of Abhimanyu. It is written by Rajesh Joshi and was directed by Prabhat Ganguly.

It was first performed by Ballet on November 9, 1987 at Ravindra Bhavan. In this dance drama, Padma Sonkar, Shruti Kirti Barik, Pratap Mohanto are artists who are still connected, Shruti Kirti has been playing Draupadi continuously since 1987. The story is written by Rajesh Joshi and choreographed by Prabhat Ganguly. 20 artists participated in the dance drama.

The feeling of revenge was the main reason for Mahabharata.

The play was based on the scene of Abhimanyu being killed. It was told that there was fire of revenge in everyone, hence Mahabharata happened. The play shows how Chakravyuh was created to kill Abhimanyu.

Music has special significance in ballet. Ballet depends on a music in which music has special significance. The play was mythological. The play was renamed in 2017 as Pratishodh Ki Aag before the play was titled Chakravyuh. The ballet centres around the revenge that fuelled the fight between Kauravas and Pandavas in Mahabharat. It beautifully depicted the revenge harboured by Dronacharya for being let down by friend king Drupad, revenge in the heart of Karna for being slighted as Sutaputra by Draupadi at her swayamvar, and also revenge in the heart of Draupadi when she has to undergo ‘Cheer Haran’ after being lost by the Pandavas in the game of dice. It is the determination of many such slighted hearts nursing revenge that eventually results in the Mahabharat. Through eight scenes, the ballet presented a compact story of Abhimanyu, how the secret of breaching a Chakravyuh is revealed to him while he is in his mother’s womb, how he succeeds in replicating it as a young lad in the Mahabharat and eventually his death at the hands of the senior warriors fighting the war.

It was a mass treat for the audience to watch the epic story on stage. The theatre lovers of the city were mesmerized to have witnessed such a wondrous performance.

Further, the lighting effect was such that explains the expression of the scene. The use of red, green and blue light effect strengthened their performance.

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