Ranchites obey lockdown, violators punished

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Ranchites obey lockdown, violators punished

Thursday, 26 March 2020 | PNS | Ranchi

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 21-day lockdown on Tuesday evening to prevent infection from coronavirus, its impact was visible in Ranchi. On the first day of lockdown, there was rush of people at vegetable markets and grocery stores for purchasing vegetables, fruits and other eatable items.

However, the relaxation was only for few hours as after police administration enforcing strictness people went back to their homes. Roads were deserted as people were asked to stay at home.

At the same time, traffic police have been instructed to impose fine immediately on the rule violators. The police strictness was visible on roads within few hours as people movement on roads started reducing drastically. Youngsters moving on roads on bikes without any work were asked to give the reasons for coming out on roads and many were asked to return home. Some were even asked to make sit ups for defying the government directives.

At Albert Ekka roundabout, some youngsters moving on bikes on roads were asked to make sit-down as they failed to give reasonable reason behind coming out of roads. In the usual days, the Kanta Toli Chowk, which witnessed huge traffic jam, was completely deserted. Traffic police personnel posted there, forcibly sent commuters home.

However, the police personnel who were on duty were furious on people not following lockdown rules. A traffic constable deputed on duty near Ratu Road roundabout said, “It is high time that people should follow rules.

We are witnessing many people who are roaming on road without any valid reason.” However, at vegetable markets the scene was different. In morning people throng fruit and vegetable markets. People who went for shopping bought vegetables for 10 days, not a day or two. Ramdeo Prasad, a resident of Upper Bazaar who was spotted at Naga Baba vegetable market said, “We welcome the Prime Minister Narendra Modi decision on 21 day lockdown till April 14. We have come here to buy vegetables and fruits.” Echoing the views of Prasad, Anjali a housewife said, “I have purchased the vegetables and fruits for ten days as we don’t know when the Government will issue other directive extending the lockdown for another 15 days if the situation doesn’t improve.”

Due to lockdown it was observed that many shopkeepers and vegetable sellers sold their goods at higher price. Onions priced at Rs  20 to 22/kg sold was available at Rs 30 and potatoes sold for  Rs 18 to 25 were available at Rs 35 to 40.India's 1.3 billion people went on "total lockdown" from Tuesday midnight for three weeks to fight the spread of coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Tuesday. “Forget about leaving home in the next 21 days... If you cross the Lakshman Rekha, you will invite the virus home," PM Modi said in his second address to the nation in a week.

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