Ravi Valluri releases his 6th book ‘Heartbreak at Coffee Shop: An Array of Tales'

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Ravi Valluri releases his 6th book ‘Heartbreak at Coffee Shop: An Array of Tales'

Friday, 25 September 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Ravi Valluri releases his 6th book ‘Heartbreak at Coffee Shop: An Array of Tales'

After receiving a huge amount of appreciation for the last five books, Ravi Valluri released his sixth book 'Heartbreak at Coffee Shop: An Array of Tales'.

Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. Heartbreak at Coffee Shop by Ravi Valluri is a series of short stories, drabbles, and plays that cast the spotlight on the darker side of the coin. There are 26 short stories, 10 drabbles, and 2 plays in the book.

Ravi Valluri,  is an officer of the Indian Railway Traffic Service. He has also served in Mil Rail (Army Headquarters), where he was decorated with the Chief of Army Staff award. Theatre, public speaking, music, debating, and writing have all been his passions and his inspiration for writing. He has written six books, 'The Matter of the Mind', 'Make the Mind Mt.Kailasa', 'The Infinite Mind'- co-authored with Ankush Garg, and 'NaMo 303 Words to Victory'.

His fifth book 'Indian Stories: Images & Thoughts' was released during the recent lockdown.

'Heart  Break at Coffee Shop: An Array of Tales' is his 6th book.

It is the world of SMAC - Software, Media, Apps, and Cloud. "The present generation is exceedingly talented and inquisitive. They do not accept things at face value. I feel that somewhere in all of these relationships have taken second place.

This is a generation of achievers. They wish to carve a niche for themselves and then settle in a steady relationship," said Ravi Valluri.

Heartbreak at Coffee Shop: An Array of Tales, is the first fiction book of the author. Human tales, suffering during the lockdown and most importantly, the unexpected twists in life inspire him to create and weave such tales. Ravi, is also a faculty of the Art of Living and conducts the Happiness Programme, yoga, and meditation sessions.

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