RTU chancellor appointed member of Central Hindi Teaching Board

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RTU chancellor appointed member of Central Hindi Teaching Board

Saturday, 01 August 2020 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Chancellor of Rabindranath Tagore University, Santosh Chaubey, has been appointed as the member of Central Hindi Teaching Board.

The Central Hindi Teaching Board has recently been restructured by the Department of Higher Education, New Delhi, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

It is to be noted that eminent educationists, poets, writers from across the country are the members of the Board. Santosh Chaubey has been appointed as a member from Madhya Pradesh.

Choubey said that 'I am proud to be a member by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.  There should be ideological discourse between literature, culture, education and language. Hindi language service will continue uninterrupted '.

Choubey is constantly active for the promotion of Hindi language. Last year, Tagore International Literature and Arts Festival, based on his vision, was the talk among writers internationally. At the same time, the book Yatra, taken from four states of the country, worked to raise awareness about Hindi in cities, villages and towns.

He edited the vast collection of Hindi stories of India 'Kathadesh' and 'Katha Madhya Pradesh', a collection of stories of the storytellers of undivided Madhya Pradesh. Many of his fiction collections, novels, poetry collections and translations have been published. Jalatarang is his popular novel. He is also the editor of, the country's famous magazine 'Electronics for you' for last thirty-two years on electronics and information technology.

He wrote 'Computer: An Introduction', the first computer book in Hindi. He has been decorated with many national and international level awards.

On this occasion, Director of ICECT, Siddharth Chaturvedi, Vice Chancellor of Rabindranath Tagore University, Dr. Brahmaprakash Pethia, Registrar Dr. Vijay Singh, along with University, ICECT and Vanamali Shrishna Peetha congratulated him.

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