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2020: You & your money

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2020: You & your money

Sunday, 05 January 2020 | Acharya Praveen Chauhan

2020: You & your money

What does this new year have in store for you? Astrologer and palmist, Acharya Praveen Chauhan, shares financial predictions for the year ahead

Aries: You will not only crossover all the hurdles during this period, but your imminent talent will enable you to sum-up into expected success. Stress free personal regimen is suggested. Successful overseas Business tours and new financial connections are in offing.


Taurus: This is a most compatible period for you all to start a new business — one that you have been planning since long. The relations you have built over the years will help you conquer the world. Likewise, resolve to do the same for others and help them even if it is beyond your means.


Gemini: Stars predict that you are in for big success; especially those who are in the field of e-business or related with software and multimedia. Your perceptions of competition with your rivals cannot be fructified, but your own independent vision will bring laurels to you. Compassion towards deprived shall be your boon from the  heavens.


Cancer: Your businesses will touch an unexpected high in the later part of 2020. As the dictum states: “Nothing is gained without striving hard”, the Cancerians would witness an exceptional spurt in their endeavour as the year progresses. Zodiac predicts a tremendous success for all first generation entrepreneurs and start-ups.


Leo: Stars suggest that you may start a new venture. They also suggest that the project may not take off as desired. But my predictions for you in 2020 is that fortunes are with you. Though success appears shaky in the beginning, things will look up for real good towards the end of the year. For investors, a pertinent caution is inevitable.


Virgo: Stars suggest that all ventures (whatever those may be) must be initiated. Just go ahead and take the plunge. A word of caution though. Don’t let your ever inquisitive and suspicious nature dampen the spirit and thwart your own brilliant moves. Plan your finances wisely.


Libra: Partnerships are not meant for you. Go ahead if you will, but be careful not to get greedy. Even in the existing partnerships, try to be rational. Never mind the fluctuating profits throughout the year. Better to focus on new ventures. It would do good to devote the year to personal appeasement.

Scorpio: It is a good time to initiate your offspring into business of your dreams. Don’t approach the easy way, follow and comply with the whims of all concerned. Pleasure with work shall be your mantra for success.


Sagittarius: What you value most it is up to you. Choose whatever you may — work, success, gratification, appeasement, relations or financial success — just make sure not to get whimsical. Life and success is not dependent on your personal whims. Follow the rules of life.


Capricorn: Planetary configuration says that you will expand your endeavours in multidimensional spheres, in different channels in 2020. You may be on the top of the world but personal relations may cause you to be miserable, and even hamper your self esteem. Beware! You may be surrounded by a multitude of opportunities. Just stay clear of any trappings of business exigencies.


Aquarius: Don’t be upset by the failures you may have had in the past. All your decisions would be wise. You are overswayed by the sycophantic appreciation which is never in positive perception. Boon in disguise; your collaborators will support you, whether in social life or in finance.


Pisces: Have faith in yourself and not be beguiled by the circumstances as stars appear to point out. You will bounce back and even rule in the second half of the year. Take care of your emotional health and of your own personal image.

Acharya Praveen Chauhan is an Astrologer, Occultist, Palmist, Debater, Columnist and Author. Contact details: info@astropraveen.com/ +91-8800507216

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