Astroturf | Truth is simple, spontaneous

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Astroturf | Truth is simple, spontaneous

Sunday, 05 July 2020 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Truth is simple, spontaneous

The truth is simple and spontaneous. It is within everybody’s sight. We just need to look at things with an open mind. The paradox, however, is that simple truth eludes our attention. Our mind has become so complexed that we can’t take note of simple things. We rather prefer going in circles in search of underlying truth, more often ending up having a fractioned view.

We all know that when glaciers melt, water streams emerge, which ends in the sea. All through its run, it extends life. But for water there will be no vegetation on ground, in fact, no life. Fruit born by trees and the crops grown sustain us. If we stop eating but we can still live on water, but mind will stop working. So goes the saying: “Anna se buddhi, jala se prana”, meaning that food grains nourish our mind, and water sustains life. Not only that, the trees absorb carbon dioxide that our body discharges, and in turn, release fresh oxygen to sustain our life. The trees also maintain weather cycle. Water running down the stream, as also in the sea evaporates, leaving behind all impurities, forms cloud and then rains to recharge our water resources and life cycle. This way you can see, how interconnected and interdependent our lives are.

You don’t need a rocket science to understand such fundamental truth. Such truths not in our reckoning, we lose track of our collective obligations, and remain centred to our self-centric aspirational urges. Otherwise, we would have cared not to vitiate environmental conditions — not been careless to pollute our water resources and the environment around. Had the people in Wuhan state of China maintained their sense of hygiene, they would not have picked up the Coronavirus, which has overtaken the whole world. In fact, we have lost our sense of proportion so much that but for pandemics overtaking us, we don’t remember that the world is a unified organism, where no individual has a reality independent of the whole. The obvious implication is that if ever something happens at one end of this world, its effect will reach far and wide and so it happened. This pandemic is therefore a wake up call for all of us.

The question now is: how to remain live to the above realities. It is again, not a rocket science. You just need to clear off the clutters of mind, purify your mind so as to rise above all its limitations and preconditioning, and truth will be forthcoming spontaneously. The other day I was being interviewed on the probable outcome of the recent eclipse. One of the viewer asked me: “Sun is the soul of the earth. If the Sun itself becomes afflicted during eclipse, how can people on earth remain good?”

Well, a cloud coming in way of the solar light, will though restrict its reach to us, but can’t anyway bring down the solar intensity. During the solar eclipse, Moon comes in between the Sun and Earth, and so, it is almost like a temporary clouding effect. The Sun can no way be afflicted at all, I answered. The anchor then asked me: “Sir, the pundits are suggesting so many remedial measures to ward off the evil influence of eclipse, but you have taken an altogether different approach. How is this difference in approach?” Well, the pundits are stuck to their beliefs, and so are having a coloured vision of this natural annular phenomenon, mostly to serve their vested interest. Any of the remedial measures they are suggesting can’t appease the cosmic forces nor could they change their course. Nobody on the earth is capable of changing the course of nature. We have to bear with intelligently, what the cosmos offers. Well, on my part, I am looking at the whole phenomenon holistically and with an open mind, free from any preconditioning whatsoever. So, I am able to see truth in black and white.

Truth of life is that the cosmos is subject to continued twists and turns and with related bearing on our life cycle. We can’t change nature’s course. But we can certainly negotiate with the challenges coming our way intelligently and minimise the damage, as we have been successively doing during cyclones and such natural calamities. The call of the time is to purify our minds. We may then remain alive about the living realities of life. We may be able to spontaneously and effortlessly strike truth. Accordingly, we could prepare ourselves to negotiate with the challenges coming our way intelligently.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110 025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email:

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