Cheers to Italian luxury

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Cheers to Italian luxury

Sunday, 19 January 2020 | Shalini Saksena

Cheers to Italian luxury

SHALINI SAKSENA tells you how the beverage market in the country is coming of age with luxury drinks on offer

There was a time when there were no aerated drinks in the market. At homes, one would get services shikanjvi and or Rooh Afza. Back then, if one wanted to have a cola, one had to carry in one’s baggage. Then the markets opened and there was a flood of aerated drinks. From Cherry Coke to Snapapple, the sky is the limit. People are spoilt for choice and the beverage market is changing for the better.

“The market has witnessed major growth over the past few years. The consumers who buy our products are often on the go and want to spend on healthy, quick premium convenience products. This has led to the influx of many ready-to-consumer products that became more fitting into more areas of people’s lives than we could have ever imaged. Today’s consumer is well-traveled and well-educated about various products in the market. They are sensible, smart and know what they want,” Ferruccio Lamborghini, CEO and vice-president of the Tonino Lamborghini says. The company recently launched its line of products including espresso coffee, energy drink and vodka.

He tells you that convenience, sophistication, and health are a few factors, which are directly linked with the increased sales and thereby profits for the beverage industry in India making the country a priority market.

The beverage project line that started mid ‘90s with a mission to spread intrinsic energy of the brand through a line of iconic Italian beverage products worldwide began its journey with coffee. “We believe that the Indian market has a great opportunity for our brand and of course for the positioning of our products. As for each distribution we start, we were searching for the right distributor that can perfectly interpret the values of our lifestyle brand,” Lamborghini says.

He opines that the Indian market is a young market; therefore, their target is young customers and millennials who want to enjoy life and distinguish themselves by choosing not only an energy drink or a coffee, but a true lifestyle. “Moreover, India is a very fast-growing country and of course we will take care of our heritage and brand here, at the same time, we will be flexible enough to approach the market with the right content, but always up to the level, our brand requires,” he says.

The reason to introduce luxury beverages is simple. “The mission is to spread the values of company worldwide, and we started with espresso, energy drink and vodka; all products that can express the Italian spirit and energy in the Indian market. Our beverages are just the second product line that we are launching. The first product we introduced in India, is still not in the market. In fact, we established a joint venture in Pune with Firodia family of the Kinetic Group, to design and manufacture golf carts and we hope that soon we will present other branded products as well,” Lamborghini says.

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