Do we know all the factors?

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Do we know all the factors?

Sunday, 02 August 2020 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Do we know all the factors?

Being omniscient, only God knows the big picture. He has the answers to all the aspects of a problem, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

In life, we have to make many decisions; some of which have enormous significance for us. This decision-making begins very early in our childhood. Though decisions made then mainly relate to what one will eat, etc., but the process has started then itself. Unfortunately, we make many mistakes in such decision-making. Why? Because we mostly don’t know all the factors. For example, a child makes a friend in his class. But he has no idea whether that child is best for him as a friend. Whenever we associate with anyone we influence one another. If the child chooses a child who is more intent on bunking classes, etc, he maybe similarly inclined after some time.

So what is the intelligent thing to do? For, even if we consider all aspects relevant to any decision that we have to make and act to the best of our knowledge, there is always something that we may miss out. Because, we are in no position to know the truth in totality.

For instance, we know a few facts about Coronavirus. One that it is more likely to be passed on through close contract with other human beings. Chances of getting infected through inanimate objects like packages are small. We can protect ourselves to a great extent if we practice social distancing very strictly. Wearing of masks is absolutely mandatory in a public place. What we don’t know about it is whether it is of animal/bird origin or has been artificially created. What kind of substance will trigger the production of antibodies in our bodies? Will that substance be safe for us human beings? What kind of medicines will help cure? Research is going on in multiple places all over the world, but we don’t really know whether we have our answers. We have been told that it is a difficult virus to deal with because it mutates. The list is long.

So are we (lost at least in the short-term)? No, we are not. Because God knows the answer, as He, being omniscient, knows all the aspects. He knows the big picture. We need to approach. Him, as did the famous soothsayers Nostradamus and Baba Vanga. Nostradamus meditated over brass pot filled with water. Through these trances he supposedly could see into the future. The other famous example is of Baba Vanga, who received her information about future events from some sources. Though there were not 100% accurate in their predictions, but were mostly right, which fact in itself is remarkable.

So what is the message? Some scientists must be praying to God for answers while they engage themselves in the very difficult and time-consuming task of finding the right vaccine and cure for this dangerous virus? This is the right approach, because at this time only God knows the right answers. All the forecasts about this virus have been proven to be wrong like this virus cannot survive in extreme hot weather conditions. Unfortunately, astrologers, palmists, etc. have proven to be no better.

Sadly, scientists, even though believers of cause and effect theory, feel that turning to God is unscientific. How wrong can anyone be? If we reject the entity, who is everything (Bhagawad Gita 7.19) then, we have effectively rejected the creation itself. People are getting more and more despondent as time passes. Then, why be so obstinate? Personally, I am hoping that someone somewhere is praying for answers, who is in this line of finding vaccines and cures, because he or she only can understand the solution. Meanwhile, I can only implore that we learn to accept what we get and be comfortable with the existing status. Because we have no role to play in this except to follow the protocol to the avoid getting infected. And make a practice of seeking God’s guidance in every situation, which is not straightforward.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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