Find your peace post a fight

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Find your peace post a fight

Sunday, 22 November 2020 | Dr Anju Sharma

Find your peace post a fight

If we handle our disagreements in the right way, we can help our own selves to bounce back and emerge with a stronger bond, says Dr Anju Sharma

Disagreements can arise in any relationships. The consequence of such disagreements sometimes leads to arguments, that are the worst moments to come across. But if we handle such situations in the right way, we can help us to bounce back with a stronger bond. Here are some tips to deal with anxiety after arguments with loved ones:


Give some time and space

After an argument, you should give some time and space to each other. This is important to resolve the conflict. To avoid further heated arguments, give a breathing room by stepping away for a glass of water or a breathing exercise. This will give time to calm down the emotionally charged up individuals.


Figure out the root cause of anxiety

When you are away from your loved one giving time to cool down, try to understand the reason behind the other person’s behaviour. If they are being anxious, then understand what triggered their anxiety level and what you can do to calm down the situation.


Communicate, do not argue

When the time is right, extend the olive branch. Talk to each other calmly and discuss each other’s point of view. Talking and apologising to each other means that you acknowledge that both of you have been hurt and want to heal the relationship.


Be a good listener

During the fight, both the individuals are trying hard to get their respective point across and this makes the situation worse. To resolve the argument, try to listen to your loved ones’ perspective. If you still disagree with the other person’s perspective, then you can acknowledge their emotional hurt and pacify with statements like ‘I am sorry (topic) made you feel bad’. Most importantly, do not get into defensive mode when the other person is speaking about your role in the argument.


Hug and makeup

One of the most important steps is before or while communicating, hug the person and rub the spinal cord. Massaging the spine will help in the flow of hormones and calms down the cells of the body. It relaxes the stressed muscles and the person will settle for better communication.


The writer is a renowned Psychic reformer, Sound & Energy Master, Wellness-Holistic Coach and the founder of Musical Healing Band, Sound of Infinity

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