Ten questions to ask self

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Ten questions to ask self

Sunday, 22 November 2020 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Ten questions to ask self

For good life, we need God's blessings. There is no other way to exist well, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI as he encourages us to look within

There are some questions that each one of us must answer for our own well being. The first question being: “Do you accept that you are small?” If you don’t, you are far removed from reality. For example, if you consider yourself very big or important and you come down with a contagious disease. Just watch the reaction of all near and dear ones. They will try to help surely but only after making sure that they are safe. The wise persons take shelter of the omnipotent God. I do so because I have realised that without a good connection with God, I am helpless.

The next question is: “Are you part of the creation or an independent entity?” Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita that we all are parts of God. (15.7) He knows because He is the creator. When you accept this fact, then, others become equally important to you. You need to cooperate with them. Only then, you will get their help. The third question is: “If you don’t, then, can you exist on your own?” My experience tells me that I cannot. It has been estimated that human beings need help from upwards of twenty persons to exist well on a daily basis. The fourth question is: “Do you know everything you need to know?” Only a silly person would answer in the affirmative, because there is so much knowledge. Therefore, wise persons take shelter of the omniscient God, who provides the required information through intuitions, etc. or arranges through some other sources like human beings, media, etc.

The fifth question is: “Can you do whatever you desire?” My answer is a firm no. I am very limited in what I can accomplish on my own. Therefore, I have chosen to take shelter of God, and I seek His help very frequently. God guides and helps as only He can. Suppose I need some favour from some person and he is not keen to oblige. God can and does change that person’s mind if God feels that it is for general good, not just for my selfish reasons. The sixth question is: “Can you control results?” Unfortunately, the answer will be in negative mostly than positive, such is the nature of this changing world. Therefore, Lord Krishna has instructed us to not try to predetermine result. (2.47) But one thing is certain and that is one can cross all impediments by God’s grace, which can be attained by developing God consciousness. (18.58) There are many ways the same can be achieved.

The seventh question is: “What does taking shelter mean to you?” To me it means turning to God and praying for His guidance and help for whatever is troubling me. God is very merciful. He guides and helps. The eighth question is: “What do you really want in life?” One seeks the benevolence of God so one’s family should remain healthy, peaceful and happy. The ninth question: “What does the word protection mean to you?” We need to be safe from whatever could threaten us, on which we have no control. For example, we need assurance that no one should physically harm us. That brings us to the last question: “Can you gain at will whatever you need by way of resources to exist well?” The answer has to be a firm no, because we need so many types of resources throughout our lives. However, God has promised in the Gita that for His advanced devotees. (9.22)

What did you learn by answering these questions? My experience tells me that for a high quality of life, I need God’s shelter. I have found no other way to exist well. God must guide and help me at all times. For me, this is an absolutely necessity.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

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