The cosmic heirlooms

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The cosmic heirlooms

Sunday, 19 January 2020 | Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap

The cosmic heirlooms

In part one of this new series, Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap tells the readers about how to understand and embrace crystals for empowerment and harmony

Some crystals emerge from the womb of Mother Earth, Gaia. Some of them have fallen into her lap from the Great Expanse above, whenever cosmic bodies, (like meteorites) have left behind sensational hints, secrets, of the origins of our world and the worlds beyond.

I call crystals cosmic heirlooms, because they have been given to us by Powers that orchestrate the Universe, the Divine conductors of Sacred Geometry. Their fascinating structure is but a reflection of this Sacred Geometry: the silent language of the Cosmos that reveals its innate workings and unifies all Creation, as a highly responsive, ‘energy-based’ operation. It’s the Universal Law of Vibration that sets the stage for our attraction towards — and connection with — different crystals. All entities, even inanimate ones, are in constant motion, at their own vibrational frequencies. Absolutely everything is connected.

Some people are naturally more ‘rooted’ in Gaia than others, based on how they have developed as a microcosm of the Universe. Others are born with wings attached to their feet, at home when with Gaia, but perhaps more in their element, out there, in the Great Expanse. All of us are programmed to ‘hear’ the vibrations of the cosmic heirlooms — ‘Earth crystals’ or ‘Expanse crystals’ — that are right for us. This is why experts who work with crystals will advise us to ‘take what resonates.’

The fine lines between the ‘scientific’ and ‘spiritual’ understanding of how crystals work, blur here. The lattice-like structure of crystals enables them to accept and emit a harmonic variety of vibrational frequencies. The intricate arrangement of human cells allows them to do the same. When the respective electromagnetic fields of crystals and humans resonate with each other, they orchestrate a larger energy field that the brain processes, in turn orchestrating biochemical changes in the body. These changes can highlight the fact that their origins actually lie in our state of mind. We then find ourselves studying this vibrational analysis more diligently, to zero in on ‘what’s missing’ and to work towards replenishing it.

Sacred Geometry does make space for Free Will. Based on how well we understand and accept who we are, we can apply Free Will, bend the Law of Vibration to work in our favour, in our capacity as spectacular microcosms of the Universe; and set ourselves on a fresh course to ensure we attract what we want. Crystals, in this scenario, are precious guiding tools. As our cosmic heirlooms, they’ve an unobtrusive manner of refreshing dormant memories of where we come from. They help us identify and accept what makes us truly happy, so we can work towards building a life we don’t need to run away from. They instill a sense of peace and acceptance, by making us feel like we are protected by Powers that will reveal what they must at the right time. The sense of confidence that stems from this is unparalleled.

Crystals have been accepted as amplifiers by all disciplines that have studied them, which means the first step towards choosing the right crystals is to understand their benefits and applications as thoroughly as possible.

A seasoned crystal worker brings with them not just consolidated scholastic knowledge, but consolidated human experience. Comprehensive reference book are useful investments, once the decision has been made to collect and use crystals seriously, because they give provide organised information on types, cuts, quality and application of crystals.

It would be useful to mention Clear Quartz here. It’s a versatile ‘master crystal,’ that cleanses the aura, facilitates healthy energy shifts and clarity of thought, releases blocked emotions and elevates motivation levels, besides being a strong amplifier of crystals placed near it. Rose Quartz is great for ‘matters of the heart.’ Since we can’t pour from an empty cup, we should first appreciate it as a gentle ‘self-love stone.’ Amethyst balances emotions and dissolves the effects of harshness, both circumstantial and dispositional. Tiger’s Eye and Black Tourmaline are excellent for grounding and protection and for dispelling negativity.

It’s important to remember that crystals are also ‘mood mirrors.’ As we are, so are our favourite crystals. They illuminate the challenging yet cherished path of self-introspection.

The writer is a content creator (freelnace) with deep interest in metaphysical healing and communication, divination tools and flower therapies

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