Ways to stay productive

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Ways to stay productive

Sunday, 27 September 2020 | Dr Binay Singh

Ways to stay productive

While some people have looked at this pandemic as a difficult situation to be dealt with, there are some significant advantages as well, says Dr Binay Singh

Past few months have been really difficult for anyone trying to cope up with the current times of pandemic, but it has also bought opportunities for people to explore. Time at home where most of the adults and all of the kids no longer have the responsibilities of rushing off to work and school every day. It’s an amazing gift that this pandemic has bestowed upon us, and around the world we’re seeing people enjoying it in ways they never thought possible.  Individuals could invest their time in the right thing by staying at home and by being productive. These are a few ways to stay optimistic and that will help you become useful and productive during the Pandemic: 

  • Read the Classics: The local libraries might be off-limits, but there are a number of devices you can use to read as many books, magazines, comics, or graphic novels as you want, many for a substantially reduced price. There are great book websites all over with bucket lists of books everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. Make a goal of reading one per week and see how far you get and what wonderful new worlds you can discover.
  • Planting & Gardening: Your home is your castle. Time to upgrade it! If your working hours are reduced or gone completely for a while, turn your energy towards improving the condition of your home and yard. Surely somewhere in your home, there are projects to take on that you are handy enough to handle. It might mean patching a hole in your fence, re-painting a room, replacing the weather stripping on the door, or planting new flower beds to add some color to your life. Most home repair stores are still open as they count as essential businesses. Pretty much every project under the sun you might want to take on has an instructional video available online at YouTube or another site, so survey your home and yard and find a project that you have been itching to scratch.
  • If you can’t learn, teach! There is something inherent to human nature that prevents us from shutting ourselves off completely from one other. We still seek to bring our contributions to the fight against the virus by whatever means we can. People everywhere have taken to the Internet to make their presence known in a helpful way. Some offer psychological support, others provide inventive ways of killing time by teaching classes and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) courses. A few gentle souls are even there to offer a conversation partner to those who are stuck alone in isolation.
  • If you’ve got a device that records video, you’re qualified to teach people how to do something. If you’ve got an audio recorder and a voice, you’re set to record a podcast about anything you want — your expertise in your job field, your favorite music or movie, your own brand of humour, whatever you think people will enjoy listening to.
  • The Internet is not only a way for us to come together, but also to share positive messages and stories in this time of distress.
  • Team Building exercises: Spread the knowledge. People have slowly adapted to the new normal of “Working from home”. It must have probably been a while since the peers must have even spoke to each other on the calls other than work, coming up with sessions where team can speak about their experiences of working from home, share some good ideas and play some games can help the rejuvenate the thought process of the employees and they feel fresh and start working with a positive attitude.
  • Analyse your budget: Even though, the economy has re-opened, it will somehow still take time for it to be back to normal and boost and hence it becomes very important to reassess our current budget and our expenditures. One should highlight and spend where it is important at least during this time of pandemic because it can help you get a gist of where the money is going and will also be beneficial in a longer run.

The writer is the author of Coronavirus: Opportunity through Adversity and CEO, Singh Marine Management Ltd

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