When we accept God...

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When we accept God...

Sunday, 27 September 2020 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

When we accept God...

Life takes a perfect direction with unimaginable advantages accruing, when God guide us through our lives, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

Then, we accept His creation. This has a huge implication on our lives. We will begin to seek God’s guidance and help, because this is the cosmic design. We, souls, are parts of God. (Bhagawad Gita 15.7) Our existence, independent of God, is very troublesome as those who don’t have a connection do realise sooner or later. And God will guide and help; we just need to approach Him in all humility. Therefore, humility is the first quality we inculcate in ourselves. Imagine a world where people are humble and treat others with respect. This brings us to the next quality — becoming better. The way the creation is, there is only one big entity, that is God. We humans are small and will remain so. However, there is no bar on becoming better.

This leads us to the third quality — to be able to coexist with others. Our relationships improve greatly. We realise that no one is perfect, only God is, therefore, we need to accept faults of others as others accept ours. We also realise that we depend upon a whole lot of people for our existence. Slowly, the mode of goodness begins to gain ascendency. We speak better, we behave better, etc. This mode has an enormous influence over our senses and the mind. It prods us to eat what is useful to us, see what is illuminating, hear what benefits, and so on.

Gradually, we enter the spiritual realm. We understand that there is a thing like the Karmaphala principle. This is in short — what we sow, we reap. This is as simple as that. Some fruits are instant, like if we appreciate someone we get excellent vibrations from that person. Some take long like studying to become financially self-supporting. We begin to watch all our actions in order to create a better future for ourselves. This is the beginning of spiritual intelligence. The wise ones turn to the book eternal wisdom — The Gita. One then progresses to become either a medium of God or an instrument. God uses us to deliver benefits to other people. For example, someone is to get a donation, the Lord inspires one of us to do this noble deed, for which the Lord rewards handsomely. Then, God uses advanced devotes to deliver His instructions to other devotees, that is He uses one of His own to do this very important job. Advancing this way, a soul begins to enjoy the company of God — the highest achievement prior to qualifying for liberation after a few lives.

This is about those who accept God. The story is quite different for those who don’t. They believe in the chance theory, that is anything can happen anytime, though this is absurd. One time a person was arguing with me about this; he said that he believed in chance. I asked him whether he sends his children to school. He said yes. I, then, advised him to avoid this pain; they may get educated by chance. Ego of such persons is quite dominant; they don’t listen to reason. They are guided by material intelligence even though there is cause and effect there also. They are mostly in the modes of passion and darkness, and suffer on account of them. Their senses and minds are mostly uncontrolled. They wish to become bigger — a mirage.

Most of their lives such persons try to compete with others or feel that others are after them. They are mostly alone, at least this is how they feel. Life is mostly rudderless, jumping from one matter to another; there is hardly much focus. After all, without God consciousness, one will be whimsical only.

Therefore, it is wise to accept God. Life will take a perfect direction with unimaginable advantages accruing, and God will help in piloting us through future lives till we qualify for liberation — the greatest boon.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com 

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