Five senses of history

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Five senses of history

Saturday, 17 October 2020 | Kushan Mitra

Five senses of history

The Garden of Five Senses in South Delhi is not only an archaeologically significant area but is also a hub of cultural and gastronomical delights

The Mehrauli-Badarpur Road is one of those roads, which when you drive through you go through a millennia of Delhi’s history — from the ramparts of the spectacular Tughlakabad Fort to the towering Qutub Minar, the oldest free-standing tower in the world. You realise then that Delhi is truly one of the world’s oldest living cities, one steeped in history both ancient and modern. And one of those places where Delhi’s history meets the modern Delhi is The Garden of Five Senses, located just off this very road, next to Saket Metro Station. This 20-acre space initially conceptualised by Delhi-based architect Pradeep Bhandari is run by Delhi Tourism and, in a normal time is a hub of cultural and gastronomic activities, particularly in Winters. That is why the name of the place — as it delights all your five senses.

But one must not lose sight of the site’s historical significance located just outside the Mehrauli archaeological site. Several historical monuments, including the Qutub Minar, are visible from the site. However, it is also home to some stunning modern art installations as well as a replican of the Mayan-era Labna Arch, creating a cultural history bridge between India and Mexico. It is unfortunate that due to the current pandemic, there will be fewer events this year, although Delhi Tourism is promising that some events with limited attendance will take place nonetheless. Some of the permanent restaurants located inside the Garden of Five Senses have opened their doors again and the public can easily visit the site and experience a mix of the ancient and modern.

There is ample parking at the Garden and the Hyundai Venue Sport is the ideal urban car to visit the site in its modern looks, accentuated by the greenery and the art installations at the Garden.

Photo: Vikram Sharma

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